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Move the foreign trade associations

Dispute the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia is transferred to the Supreme Arbitration Court

Yesterday has informed on acceptance to claim manufacture
three foreign trade associations - Aviaexport tehmashimport and
eksportles - to the State Property Committee of Russia. A claim subject - the order
committee about transfer to Russian Goskomnatsu of the house rented by associations #19
on the Trubnikovsky lane in Moscow. On this dispute informs since January, 30th.

By estimations of associations, moving will yield them losses at a rate of $24 million
the State Property Committee, referring to the order of the president, insists on eviction
associations and transfer of a building of Goskomnatsu. Associations do not want to leave, while
will not receive from the State Property Committee of guarantees of compensation of inevitable losses from
moving. The reference of associations to Yeltsin with the request to reconsider
the order about transfer of a disputable building of Goskomnatsu while remains without the answer.
hearings under the claim are appointed to March, 15th, will inform on them on March, 16th.