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The investigation of the case of the president of a stock exchange

the Arrested stockbroker faints in the chamber

Yesterday regional Office of Public Prosecutor of Volgograd has prolonged for 6 months an investigation of the case
the president Nizhnevolzhsky commodity - Ivan Grigoriev`s accused
under item 93 " raw stock exchange; tonics UK Russia ( plunder in especially large sizes ) . The decision
Offices of Public Prosecutor is caused by that audit of firms yet has not ended, Grigoriev was the co-owner
which. The suspicion in
to illegal purchase of the apartment belonging before one of its commercial
of firms (writes about this business since November, 1992) became an occasion to arrest of the businessman.

As Vladimir Kosimirov has informed the correspondent of the deputy chief of investigatory management of the Department of Internal Affairs
to the Volgograd region, now Grigoriev`s investigation of the case
is headed by the inspector Nina Spynu. He has characterised it as competent
the person and the good bookkeeper . During a consequence it should, by words
Kosimirova, to get against Grigoriev new charge, and that the apartment behind it
remains for ever . Spynu has refused conversation. However the lawyer
the person on remand Yury Sahno has characterised it differently. As he said, Spynu
has directed the illegal letter to a pre-trial detention centre where Grigoriev contains,
forbidding to deduce it for conversation with the lawyer without its permission. And
Ivan Grigoriev`s state of health worsens, and the decision of the Department of Internal Affairs this week
will spend is judicial - physical examination of its health: he already
starts to faint in the general chamber. The lawyer intends to petition
before the public prosecutor for tap of the inspector. Will return to a theme on August, 3rd (after
the consequence terminations).