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Has passed auction of municipal apartments

Buyers adapted for the new prices

Most likely, the Moscow buyers have already come to the senses after the shock caused by an event last week by increase of the starting prices at auctions of municipal habitation. Yesterday participants of auction Moscow investitsionno - habitation shopping centre where not completed apartments in Mitino were exposed, Northern Butovo, Zhulebino and Zelenograd, actively bought up real estate. As a result of the auctions it has been sold 29 of 32 exposed prizes, and the price for 1 sq. m of a total area has reached 396 thousand rbl.

According to observers, the next increase of demand for municipal apartments has been caused by two reasons. In - the first, buyers quickly enough adapted for the new starting prices for habitation. In - the second, it is connected with growth of a dollar exchange rate within a week that, certainly, will lead to the further rise in prices for real estate.
as a result at the auctions which have taken place yesterday of total area price in 1 sq. m has jumped up to 400 thousand rbl. (at last auction on sale of the municipal habitation, passing two weeks ago, the price in 1 sq. m did not rise above 340 thousand rbl.). Predictably, apartments in areas - new buildings of Mitino and Northern Butovo used the greatest demand. So, two-room apartments (obshch. Squares 51 - 58 sq.) in these areas at the starting prices 18 - 21 million rbl. left on the average on 20 - 23,5 million rbl. Final cost of three-room apartments (obshch. The square 73 - 77 sq.) has made 28 - 29 million rbl. at the starting prices 26 - 27 million rbl.

Contact phone Moscow investitsionno - habitation shopping centre: (095 268 - 02 - 42.