Rus News Journal

Column Misfortunes

Plentiful snowfalls have fallen upon the central Russia. In Moscow and in the majority of areas of the central part of the country for the days off has dropped out from 13 to 20 sm of snow that twice exceeds monthly average norm. Such snowfall - result of influence of the cyclone which has arisen on Adriatic Sea. According to experts, only now the earth is reliably covered by snow which will protect winter and will give a necessary moisture for spring shoots. Until now there was a danger that strong jugo - east a wind will cause the dusty storms capable with snow to carry away and the top fertile layer of earth.

On Sunday in the city of Surgut on a joint-stock company building site Rosneftegazstroj there was a fire. On obscure while to the reason two cars - change houses have lighted up. On fire three persons were lost.

Victims of explosion which has thundered on Friday evening in cafe Vadi an - Nile Located on At - Tahrir - a central square of the Egyptian capital, - became five visitors. 21 more person, including five foreigners, have got wounds. Force of explosion was that that in the next houses from windows povyletali glasses. A blast wave from a cafe premise on street has thrown out chairs and glasses therefore some passers-by were traumatised.

strong explosion has thundered on Saturday in one of areas of northern part of London. The bomb has been put in shop near to the market on Kemden find fault strit where there come behind purchases people from all British capital. Ten persons have got wounds of various severity level.

late at night on Saturday in Atlantic was wrecked and the Spanish cargoship " has sunk; Isla de la the Homere transporting horses to Canary Islands. At a dawn on Sunday vessel fragments have been found out in 70 miles from port Casablanca. Rescuers have picked up in the sea ten persons from the sunken wreck, five more members of team are not found till now. All horses have sunk.

on Saturday at landing in city airport Stung - Treng (Cambodia) transport helicopter Mi - 26, belonging to the United Nations has broken. The technical malfunction became the wreck reason. Having fallen, the helicopter has lighted up, and has been completely destroyed by fire. The expeditions which were onboard 14 members of the United Nations on rendering of the humanitarian help, including five Russians, have got wounds.

in Mexico as a result of a car accident which has provoked explosion of the dynamite which was in a body of one of cars, the bridge and a highway site is destroyed. Road incident has happened on Saturday in state of Yucatan. The driver of the car, trying to overtake the truck with dynamite on the narrow bridge, has not managed to drive. As a result of it the car ran into the truck which after collision has lighted up. Hardly drivers and passengers of both motor vehicles had time to leave from them as the powerful explosion which has partially destroyed the automobile bridge and a site of highway in 170 km from the resort centre Cancun was distributed. Two passengers of the car are taken to hospital. According to preliminary data, the material damage from explosion has exceeded $500 thousand

Snowfalls and storm a wind have fallen in a past week-end upon northern and central provinces of Spain. As a result of elements revelry tens mountain passes are closed, movement on many highways is stopped. Hundreds settlements, first of all in mountain areas, have appeared cut off from an external world. From - for a dense snow cover at stadiums of Burgos and Oviedos have been cancelled Sunday matches of National football league.

yesterday in 04. 39 in Indonesia, in 260 km jugo - to the west of the cities of Kotabaru (island New Guinea), there was an earthquake. Force of pushes in the epicentre which is on depth of 100 km, has made 6,5 points under the Richter scale. Data on victims and destructions did not arrive.