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Court over members GKCHP

Hearings have interrupted on 25 - j to minute

Yesterday`s proceeding on business GKCHP which obeys Military board of the Supreme court of Russia, lasted not for long. On 25 - j to minute after the session beginning judge Anatoly Ukolov presiding over process declared a termless break in business hearing in connection with illness of one of defendants - the former president of Association of state enterprises of the USSR Alexander Tizjakova.

With the offer to interrupt session in connection with impossibility to consider case in absence at least one defendant for previous session has acted entering into group of the state accusers the assistant to the public prosecutor of Russia Edward Deniss. However the party of protection has disagreed with its statement: while the court considers petitions for tap of all structure of state accusers, hearings can proceed and without Tizjakova. As Tizjakov himself has authorised the lawyer Alexander Kligmana to represent for the period of illness on court its interests just concerning tap of structure of state accusers.
but yesterday defendants have changed the tactics. Oleg Baklanov who has declared at first has acted that trial continuation breaks the rights of Tizjakova to protection. Baklanova have supported Valentine Pavlov and Anatoly Lukjanov, and the opinion of the party of charge on this question was already known. As a result Anatoly Ukolov has passed the decision on a break in business hearing. This decision is especially logical that the court does not have till now on hands any official conclusion about a state of health of Tizjakova (the information on its preceding infarction condition proves to be true only words of the doctor present on court).
Alexander Kligman has told to correspondents that Tizjakov on - former is in resuscitation of hospital of a name of Burdenko. And according to the wife of the defendant Zoe Tizjakovoj, her spouse soon should translate in usual branch. According to doctors, hospitalisation can last two more - three weeks.
making comments for the decision of yesterday`s session of court, lawyers focused attention that contrary to assumptions of many newspapers defendants, lawyers are not interested in a process tightening.
in particular, Dmitry Jazova Lev Abeldjaev lawyer has told: If illness of Tizjakova lasts more than three weeks, the variant is possible that on Tizjakovu separate business (as for example, has occurred to other defendants on business GKCHP - Boldin and Grushko) will be allocated. In this case the court can continue the sessions . G - n Abeldjaev has underlined: We are not afraid of a public trial and are ready to prove that our clients are innocent .
In spite of the fact that in court session the break is declared, affairs GKCHP will return on April, 20th to illumination of events around. By this day participants of process promised to share the opinions on the last three days of session and to state the forecasts of the further development of process.