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14 kg of gallium

Suspects are stolen have found under the announcement

Department on struggle against economic crimes of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk and area continues search of sources of acquisition of 14 kgs of rare-earth metal of gallium by two businessmen - the director of private enterprise IVP Igor Prilutsky and the broker of the Siberian food stock exchange Elena Dubovtsevoj (last time informed on an investigation course on March, 19th). Yesterday employees of department have started to get acquainted with all documentation of firm, and also with a number of personal papers of businessmen.

Gallium - fusible rare-earth metal, a number of its connections is applied in electronics. Cost of superpure gallium for high technologies can exceed the gold price.

Now employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk try to establish, whether there is a communication between 14 kg of the gallium found at office of firm IVP and loss more than 200 kg of this metal from a warehouse of Achinsk industrial complex. The beginning to investigation has put the firm advertisement IVP in the local newspaper: we Conclude contracts on gallium delivery . Igor Prilutsky has explained to detectives that metal has been got quite lawfully on Achinsk industrial complex. Elena Dubovtseva has told that she only searched for buyers on these of 14 kg. As a result Prilutsky and Dubovtseva pass now on business as witnesses.
in department on struggle against economic criminality of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk have informed that have started to get acquainted with the documentation IVP and some private papers of businessmen. To investigation which spend novosibirtsy, the militia of Krasnoyarsk region was connected also. It is supposed that new results of investigation will appear in a week. Will inform on them on April, 23rd.