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Despite persevering assurances of analysts of the financial market of the importance Japanese - the American trade relations for the international stock exchanges, by the end of the first trading day of new week doubtless leaders of attention of investors and their brokers became the American dollar together with DM and gold ingots. And trade in gold in Europe has appeared the most remarkable on scope of price fluctuations. Since the morning dealers precious metals did not show any signs traditional ponedelnichnogo a blues : at the moment of opening of the auctions trojskaja the gold ounce cost $380. And though considerable successes in advancement to record height in the $384,5, established last week, in trade in gold it was not observed, nevertheless by the end of trading day trojskaja the gold ounce has grown in the price (in comparison with the price on Friday) on $2,58 to $377,23 for ounce.
the International currency markets on Monday have endured the process, which one of the London dealers has characterised REUTER with hint application: the King has died, long live the king! . Really, the DM long enough occupying a pedestal of key European currency, has conceded to its American dollar. And this process looks not simply a dollar victory, but also mark defeat. The matter is that both an economic situation, and prospects of change of interest rates of the central banks of the USA and Germany at the moment opposite: in the USA on both positions growth, and in Germany - decrease is supposed. Therefore dealers of the largest currency centres actively bought up dollars for marks that was not slow to affect courses: in London the American currency cost DM1,6360 with increase on 1,05 pfenniga, in New York - DM1,6355 with increase on 1,05 pfenniga, and in Tokyo - DM1,6341 with increase on 1,06 pfenniga.
the Situation at the international stock exchanges sharply differed from currency and gold the auctions by absence of shocks. Among the European stockbrokers this time, truth, cheerful Frenchmen have caused a stir. After prolonged for four days of celebrating of Day of rise of the Christ the Parisian brokers have begun week on the optimistic note that was much promoted spent to Monday the central bank of France by decrease in the rate of currency intervention. And in aspiration to decrease in rates the Bank of France has established an original record - present fall has appeared the seventh for last two months. Having inspired by that local investors can take now even more credits and put them in securities, Parisian fondoviki have lifted stock quotes and index SAS - 40 on 24,59 points to 1861,37. English and German share brokers traded on Monday skromnenko and have finished trading day the first - with small increase of share prices, and the second - with insignificant fall. The index of London stock exchange FTSE - 100 has risen on 13,4 points to 2825,6, and the index of Frankfurt stock exchange DAX - 30 has fallen to 7,55 points to 1603,04.
the American financiers have held the auctions is rather specific: if in the beginning of day and fondoviki, and dealers operated with gold under the scheme similar to Europeans (actions became cheaper, gold rose in price) last minutes trading day fondoviki on NYSE have lifted stock quotes, and brokers Commodity Exchange have brought down the prices for gold for $3,60 to $373,90. And local analysts marked close interrelation of these events: last week gold rose in price, drop actions, and on Monday have passed the auctions just what isn`t needed. Hugh Johnson (Hugh Johnson), the head of department of investments First Albany, has explained situation REUTER: Despite remaining fears concerning inflation, in business circles of the USA optimism concerning prospects of development of economy and stock market has extended. Investors do not hurry up, and as if sniff up that it is possible to sell, and that it is possible to buy . And to buy they have solved actions of large corporations with solid names: IBM and AT and T, and at the expense of growth of quotations of these actions also there was an increase of an index of Dow - Johns on 14,95 points to 3507,78. Though leaders of consumer demand - actions IBM and AT and T have risen in price for $1,25 to $49,625 and on $1,325 to $60,5, as a whole at a stock exchange the turn was modest - all 197 million actions, and the fallen in price securities was more than risen in price.