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That the Prime minister has solved

- minister Victor Tchernomyrdin has signed the decision About urgent measures on strengthening of customs control on frontier of the Russian Federation . According to it, it is offered to customs committee of Russia to define together with executive power a zone of customs control along the Russian border with the former union republics. More in detail about it will tell on May, 27th.

the President of Russia has signed the decree which has confirmed time position about a notification procedure of enforcement authorities of Moscow about carrying out of meetings, street processions, demonstrations and piketirovany in streets, the areas and in other open public places of a city. The corresponding notice moves in enforcement authorities in time not earlier than 15 and not later than 10 days before planned date of carrying out of action with instructions of its purpose, the form, a venue, routes of movement of columns, beginning and termination time, and also prospective number of participants. The notice can be not accepted the authorities in case organizuemaja the action contradicts the Declaration of the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen, the standard norms of public morals, and at absence from organizers of guarantees on maintenance of a public order or coincidence in a place and time of carrying out with other mass action the demand on which has been submitted earlier or simultaneously, and also in case of occurrence of real threat to normal functioning of the enterprises and a municipal transportation. Refusal can be appealed against organizers in an executive power higher body.

the Government of Russia has accepted the decision About transfer of the enterprises and the organisations of the industry of precious metals and jewels of Russia to conducting Committee on precious metals and jewels . The document essentially expands the rights of Committee on precious metals and jewels which is the employer for all state enterprises of this branch at the conclusion of tariff agreements. The conclusion of contracts with heads of such enterprises is entrusted to officials of Komdragmeta.

the decree of the president of Russia Serafim Afonin is appointed by the chairman of Committee on metallurgy of Russia. The comment of this appointment will place in tomorrow`s number.

the government of Russia has published the order about rendering assistance to the population of Tajikistan injured with acts of nature. For liquidation of consequences of acts of nature from reserve fund of the government of Russia it will be allocated 2 mlrd rbl. Also credits for purchase in Russia of the foodstuffs are given and is material - technical resources.

the Minister of Defence of Russia Pavel Grachev has signed the instruction # - 52 according to which the cadets of the military educational institutions who ending training in 1993 and have not concluded till May, 31st, 1993 contracts on further service in ranks of the army of Russia, are subject to dismissal from military service (more in detail about system and imprisonment terms of contracts of military men with the Ministry of Defence wrote on April, 30th).

the Moscow Council has urged the president of Azerbaijan Abulfaza Elchibeja to pardon the five former Russian military men sentenced in Baku to the death penalty for participation in operations on the party of the Armenian parts.

in official mailing orders of the prime minister of the government of Moscow " have arrived; About the statement of rules of street trade in territory of Moscow and About change of a payment for registration of registration of the enterprises in Moscow . More in detail about these documents will write in tomorrow`s number.

in official mailing the governmental order of Russia about indemnification of the long-term interest-free loans which are given out to refugees and compelled immigrants for building by them of habitation according to which the size of loans in II quarter will be increased twice has arrived.