Rus News Journal

At customs

the past days the Russian customs officers could note on customs posts besides the subjects which are of interest for any person, and the goods of narrower mission - for example, musical instruments, vessels of small displacement (better to say, yachts or kayaks) and even flying machines. Naturally, their quantity was not so considerable and did not come within miles of parties of the same, for example, the Chinese leather jackets or even gonkongovskoj household electronic equipment or the Dutch canned meat. Thus it is possible to notice that if the European countries send meat Russia sends to the European camps of a mainly (meatless) skin to Russia. This day domestic customs officers have registered again passage to considerable quantities (mainly on the West) these goods.
this day to posts of the Moscow regional customs it has been delivered more than 20 t the household electronics made in Hong Kong. Among this party there were videoplayers, two-cassette audiotape recorders, audiocassettes, and also an electronic watch. They were accompanied by the similar technics of the Chinese manufacture among which there were TVs (10,7) and radio tape recorders (11,5). Arrived from - for the Great Wall and household the electrical engineer: washing machines, vacuum cleaners and irons. Their general quantity has made more than 14,7 t. After this customs inspection there passed also the Chinese clothes: leather jackets (12,8), man`s suits (7,8), and also every possible sports footwear (12,5). Has taken care of improvement of conditions of life of the Russian citizens and Hong Kong which has sent in limits of the Moscow region nearby 10,5 t of food processors, coffee makers, toasters and other so useful equipment, and also 14 t adult and children`s clothes of summer assortment. After that the turn of registration of furniture sets - also the Hong Kong manufacture has come. All them it has been issued 9,8 t.
During the same time to the Moscow representation of Italian firm Olivetti (t. 235 - 24 - 72), the office equipment party (4,5, including personal computers AT - 286 has arrived. The office equipment, in turn, has been added by party of office furniture (4,7). As to firm capital shop Waltham in its address it has been delivered nearby 4,5 t TVs of the German manufacture with screens of the various sizes, and also 2,7 t CD players.
the past days as it has already been noted, capital customs officers had to face nonconventional enough import goods intended for special using . Among them, for example, there were the musical instruments delivered to Russia from Austria and Italy in number of 2,8 t. Customs reports did not specify, which tools it were: grand pianos, a bass - guitars, harmonicas, saxophones or flutes. Anyway, a violin of Stradivariusa in this party as if it has not appeared. Except tools, in the Russian capital the sailing vessel - the easy sports yacht has been delivered. Has safely passed customs inspection and a hang-glider of the German manufacture. Now, most likely, he will plough heavenly open spaces of Moscow or Moscow suburbs (to the German flying machines, it is necessary to notice, it not vpervoj).
After some break deliveries abroad from Russia of skins of a horned cattle have renewed. The past days territory of a customs post Railway has left, in total, nearby 35,7 t the skins which have gone, after passage of all formalities of registration, to Hungary, Czechia and Italy.
as to serving customs posts of St.-Petersburg it, as it is known, not to get used to occurrence in their city of large parties of import margarine. This time it has been sent in a city from Finland in number of 19,8 t. Did not forget about margarinovyh deliveries as well Denmark with Sweden, sent in St.-Petersburg to 30 t this product. The office equipment party has been delivered from the United States. Here telephone exchanges (2,7), personal computers (4,7), monitors (4,8), and also accessories to them (2,8) have been registered. During the same time from Holland accessories to office equipment of firm Rank Xerox (5,7) have arrived. The countries Jugo - East Asia, in turn, have equipped in a city on Neva foodstuff. So, for example, South Korea has shared the canned meat (18), fruit juice (11,5), dairy products (9,8) and baby food (10). Has taken care of the Petersburg rising generation and China, whence yesterday it has been received nearby 12 t baby food products.
that with steady approach of summer the summer season opens, are convinced not only simple citizens, but also the Russian customs officers. While suburban trains are hammered to the full by the enthusiasts carrying on fazendy seeds and saplings of various fruits and plants, other separate and irresponsible citizens, also travelling to trains, transport a crop absolutely - absolutely other - for example, marihuana. So, employees of Pytalovsky customs have paid attention to the citizen of Estonia, the following by train from Tallinn to St.-Petersburg. After short, but an effective search than 1,5 kg of marihuana have been withdrawn from it more. It is already far not the first case at customs Severo - the Western region. However, it is not necessary to run into despair. Really, in contraband of drugs of an abacus usually goes on any kgs while legal international trade operates with hundreds and thousand tons (to take, for example, delivery of the same Russian wood) - that, basically, should please all legislative Russian population.