Rus News Journal

Yeltsin, Hasbulatov, Tchernomyrdin

Boris Yeltsin

9. 00 - 10. 30 has carried on negotiations with the president of Republic Armenia Levonom Ter - Petrosyan. Except economic problems during negotiations the problem of settlement of the Karabakh conflict (p. 9 see)
11 was discussed. 00 - 12. 30 has carried out consultations of heads of Presidential Administration and the device of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs within the limits of preparation for negotiations with delegation of Tajikistan. Besides, during work on documents has signed a greeting to heads of some the African states on the occasion of 30 - letija the Organizations of the African unity
14. 00 - 15. 00 has carried on negotiations in private c the chairman of parliament of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmonov. During negotiations, obviously, questions of economic cooperation and the coordination of a policy of two countries within the limits of interaction of the states CIS
15 were discussed. 00 - 15. 30 Headed the Russian delegation at ceremony of signing of the Friendship treaty and cooperation with Republic Tajikistan, and also agreements on legal status of the Russian frontier troops deployed in territory of Tajikistan, and of some economic agreements
15. 45 - 16. 30 has dined in honour of delegation of Tajikistan. During a dinner has lifted a toast for successful development of mutual relations of Russia and Tajikistan
18. 00 - 19. 00 Has taken part in the solemn supper given on behalf of chairman VS of Tajikistan in honour of the president of Russia: during a supper g - n Rakhmonov has lifted a toast in honour of the president of Russia

Ruslan Hasbulatov
8. 45 - 9. 30 Has met heads of regional and city Councils of Novgorod
10. 00 - 12. 00 Has visited association shops Quantum making colour TVs Sadko . In Recreation centre Quantum has met heads of the local enterprises
12. 30 - 14. 00 Examined ground grounds and state farm farms Novgorod
16. 00 - 17. 30 During a meeting with deputies regional, city and regional councils of Novgorod has noticed that the new Russian Constitution should be accepted a lawful way, that is at congress of People`s Deputies
18. 00 - 19. 00 Examined temples and secular premises Novgorod kremlja
Late at night Victor Tchernomyrdin
All yesterday intended to take off for Moscow

has spent on rest to Sochi