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Column La vie de nuit

Who has told, what women do not love a striptease? Love, moreover as. In it it was possible to be convinced last night of NIGHT CLUB At PETER . More close by midnight when the night club hall began to be filled on the sly, in show the flock from five charming girls has flown. It is noisy having settled down behind one of the central tables and having ordered cocktails and beer, they have begun to discuss the last day cheerfully. Suddenly light has gone out, and in beams of floodlights dancers began to appear. Multi-coloured beams, making the way through transparent clothes, underlined each bend of female silhouettes. Spectators have stood, attentively observing of dance. The podium gradually became empty, while on it there were no only two girls. Rocking in a step to music, they have slowly started to undress each other. From time to time the undressing passed in frank enough caresses. Than remains clothes less, especially fascinating there was their erotic dance. In the meantime girls sitting at a table greedy caught sights the slightest rocking of the hips, each kiss. Sights of the misters sitting at the next little tables, rushed about from a podium on the company of girls and back. The situation became ambiguous. On change to dancers there was a young man. Under its leather jacket powerful muscles were rolled. Passing through a hall and having overtaken a little table at which girls sat, it began to remove slowly from itself(himself) a jacket. Losing clothes as approaching a podium, it has ascended to a scaffold already only in trousers with braces yes shoes. Having played muscles, it has continued process of clearing of a body from civilisation fetters. Ladies behind a little table have literally stuck sights into the actor. After that performances, without allowing to relax visitors, in a hall has fluttered out next striptizerka. The charming brunette in the black dress decorated with rather erotically looking laces, smoothly moved on a hall. Serially stopping at different tables, she offered interested persons to pull for a string . Given in on provocation and pulled one of laces of the Lord put in action the smart mechanism of fasteners and as a result this or that part of a naked body appeared at their eyes striptizerki. Girls sitting at a table, having forgotten about drinks, continued to observe of show attentively. And only upon termination of the program, having leant back on backs of armchairs and it is greedy othlebyvaja contents from glasses, they have started to share impressions.
the CASINO ARBAT it has been overflowed, to game tables - not to force the way. Not spent for uik - end money the deep river flowed from voluminous purses of players in insatiable cash desk of a casino. All process went easy and without splashes in emotions. This circumstance pleased administration of the gambling house, than greedy correspondents before events more. Time inevitably went by a dawn, and visitors have started to disperse on the sly. Having despaired and having lost hope to wait any noteworthy incidents, we have decided to leave a casino. But at an input us down average years the mister who a whirlwind has rushed into a premise and, smetaja all on the way nearly has not knocked, has rushed off to an empty table for game in open poker. Having come nearer to it, the mister began to look around feverishly in search of partners. But in a hall there were only four misters sitting at a roulette and conducting quiet conversation. The overdue visitor has approached to them and has suggested to keep its the company behind a table for poker, thus it has apologised and has added that with this dream lives already whole two weeks, and money has appeared only hour back. Misters, having apologised, have rejected the offer to replace quiet conversation with poker. Then the same offer has been made to us, but, alas, too is ineffectual. When the croupier has suggested the mister to come tomorrow, avaricious man`s tear was screwed on his eyes for insult. In oppressed mood it has approached to a bar rack, has failed on a chair and has ordered to itself a quarter portion of whisky. The mister persistently did not react to all our inquiries, having found of other application of the means allocated for realisation of dream. Believing that for one night to spend on drink the sum intended for poker, difficult, we have left a casino to meet the upset mister later and under more favorable circumstances.