Rus News Journal

The astrological forecast

Wednesday, on May, 26th


Today should bring satisfaction to business and enterprising people. Their activity does not remain without worthy compensation. Well to date for this day the beginning of the large enterprise then all will go how you plan, and is possible, even it is better. Long-term commercial communications and transactions with partners from distant places will have also excellent continuation, and affairs will go easily and successfully, especially at Sagittariuses and Capricorns. Can safely go to trip abroad - the useful effect from it can surpass the greatest expectations. Foreign partners will be attentive to your offers and will necessarily meet you. Negotiations which messages with foreign businessmen Twins, Lions and Maidens will will successfully end.
That your affairs went even better, than usually, begin day with meetings with the necessary and useful people. Their authority and influence will provide to you relative calmness and success in the business world.
if you want, that the heads at last have estimated your abilities, share with it the plans which have ripened at you faster - today the management is adjusted complacently and for certain will approve the project offered by you.
good day for purchases. Your shopping if you visit jewelry stores will be especially successful. Jewelry and products from gold will perfectly rush and necessarily will be pleasant to your relatives.
if the forecast of astrologists will come true (and we - that niskolechki do not doubt it) to evening of today you will have an excellent mood and you can go with quiet conscience for an invited supper or secular reception. In all shine and the big taste so successful day will smoothly pass in not less successful evening will be felt.
the Unique moment which can spoil some impression of the last day, are mutual relations with an opposite sex. You will aspire to each other, but will reach full mutual understanding difficult enough. Especially it concerns Fishes and Aquarius.