Rus News Journal


Weather always operates in one of two possible variants: or it is with you in a coalition, or - that last days became simply usual manner of its behaviour - strikes an attitude and, hence, in opposition to your expectations, hopes and plans. So, we already began to hope that the temperature after sharp fall all - taki will go upwards - let and in a little slowed down rate, but is true. And it again took and has gone down. Here also think after that that the persistence though in any degree helps to study weather habits. It appears, this time a cold snap are tricks the area of the low pressure which have captured almost all European territory of Russia . This area, it be wrong, and it is necessary to us to thank that weather will be cloudy, moreover and with rains. Here, expensive readers where the dog is buried. And weather, turns out, again at anything. It and all soul for warming, but alas!.
In both historical capitals of our native land tomorrow will be, as you have already understood, at all hot: +9... +14. And concerning a rain our favourite grandmother still in two has predicted. Hence, to be to it or not to be, is a question and for us. Therefore we will not give you a valuable advice of what tomorrow to put on and whether to take with ourselves an umbrella. And we will recommend you the following. Take a coin (better in 20 roubles), think on an eagle and on reshku something (is more exact, not something, and it is absolutely concrete: there will be a rain or not), then throw - and arrive just what isn`t needed. And may be, you will not lose. And at us here in cool air the question of the following maintenance rushes: Whether to organise to us group Pify, and at the same time both group Avgurov alternative to it and group of the Coffee Thick then we will have exact data about a rain on the basis of own, heavy work of the extracted information, and any report to us not the decree!
so at us, leaves, colds... And how there, as they say, not at us? (Though if we understand ourselves cosmopolitans, citizens of the world such statement of a question is not quite correct.) in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw warmly, +19... +24, however, that consoles us a little, rains are probable. And here in Belgrad - so, frankly speaking, hot: +31... +36 that, in our opinion, already a little too, especially in the absence of deposits. It will be good in solar Italy (Rome) and in not less solar Japan (Tokyo): +22... +27. Not hot (from +11 to +18) and with 50 - percentage probability of loss of deposits - only in the Scandinavian countries: in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.