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to the Russian lasers it is necessary financial a rating

the Laser industry - one of few high technology branches in Russia investments in which can pay off rather quickly. Laser devices will be claimed, and in rather big considerable quantities, variety of key industries of the industry and sphere of services in Russia and abroad. On the other hand, the Russian laser industry having a high technological level, in a condition to satisfy in-Russian requirements and can apply for a world market share.
last week the exhibition of the laser industry of the states of the former USSR which watched closely has come to the end. Today, as well as it was promised, comes back to this theme - this time with the review of general provisions of affairs in branch. For an uneasy problem promptings of investors on a laser beam SERGEY MORGACHEV and expert IGOR PITCHUGIN undertook an observer.

the markets of laser production are extremely diverse. The devices united by concept the laser work on the same physical principle, but in real economic life and technical practice it is the goods very far from each other on the device, scope of application, appearance and to cost. With what it is concrete from several tens basic sectors of the laser industry it is necessary to connect commercial plans?
any realistic scenario of development of the Russian laser industry should be entered in a certain admissible forecast of development of the Russian economy and ways of its integration to the world economy first of all. The further reasonings will be based on following parcels. In - the first, the next ten years Russia, most likely, remains the country focused on traditional mechanical engineering. Therefore to count on steady demand follows from this party, instead of from outside, say, the domestic market of information systems and means volokonno - optical communication. In the second, and in this case it will not be possible to Russia (as it was not possible till now in other spheres) especially effectively to use in advancement on the world market cheapness of production (to it antidumping laws will prevent), and it is necessary to stake first of all on advantages in competitiveness on quality of the goods and high level of an aftersales service.

the diagnosis: it is necessary to cut. Mainly iron.
1992 has passed under the badge of fast growth of the Russian manufacture of medical lasers (they are used for diagnostics, surgical intervention, treatment of an internal, ulcers and burns, for suppression of cancer tumours; are applied in cosmetic operations, at data of tattoos and t.). Appreciably this growth is connected with effect of primary saturation of the market (practically all 50 with superfluous thousand therapeutic laser devices nowadays maintained in the country are made in 1991 - 1992) . Nevertheless and further the market of medical lasers will show steady demand: to buy the Russian therapeutic installation by 100 thousand roubles does not make a problem even for ordinary polyclinic. Though limitation of the finance of the Russian public health services nevertheless will impose certain frameworks on growth of this market.
steady demand for laser devices (range finders, systems of prompting, a location, identification, an aiming, night vision, fire control) will remain, possibly, from the Russian Armed forces - as the present military management intends, on the American sample, to create more modern army more equipped with the high technology technics. However being behind frameworks already generated military - an industrial complex commercial structures for certain will meet difficulties in connection to military orders.
the demand Most dynamical and accessible to all investors for the laser technics can arise, perhaps, in mechanical engineering as soon as it will overcome the general recession. It is a question first of all of the powerful gas lasers applied in the most various technological processes: welding, is sharp, drilling, laser hardening (including training) and restoration of the worn out details. The laser association uniting manufacturers and developers of the laser technics in the countries of the former USSR, specifies that market capacity of technological lasers in mechanical engineering in 1992 - will make 1995 (on republics of the former USSR) about 2 thousand units - twice more than them worked in 1991. The greatest demand is predicted from aircraft engineering (200 installations), shipbuilding (375), is rocket - space mechanical engineering (300), war industry (500), agricultural mechanical engineering (150). But it is the technical requirement, which else it should be issued in solvent demand.

the world market is perfectly visible through a laser sight
to Intrude on the rigid and inertial world laser market it will be difficult, but those to whom it will be possible, the enormous export bounty waits. Production costs of laser production in Russia, in transfer into dollars at an existing course, it is considerable below world (on technological lasers - in 3 - 4 times, on medical - in tens times). It is possible to express it and so: a course enclosed in export manufacture of lasers of rouble many times over above the official. The nomenclature of laser production is very difficult, and within the limits of almost each group of lasers let out in Russia (and almost all types are issued) it is possible to allocate products both surpassing world analogues, and noncompetitive.
as a whole the Russian military optical devices and their civil analogues have high level. Export of this technics (it is visible, it is a question about several tens millions dollars a year - has no the summary data anybody) while is the only thing more - less defined direction of the Russian laser export. In the developed western countries devices and sights of night and underwater vision of the Kaliningrad firm " successfully are on sale; turn which are recognised by experts of the NATO the best in the world. Are in demand and laser range finders serially let out in Russia.
Russia has certain advantage in working out powerful (from 30 kw to 1 MVt) technological lasers which can be used in mechanical engineering, rezke on scrap metal of massive designs, at liquidation of failures and elimination of consequences of acts of nature and other purposes. In working out of such devices the Russian developers - Scientifically - the technical centre Energy (St.-Petersburg) and scientifically - manufacturing enterprise Luga (in system NPO Diamond Moscow) - advance the western competitors. Serially such lasers yet are not issued, as their cost (some tens millions dollars) assumes work only by request with credit granting. However it is known that Luga already has with the American firm the report on intentions on cooperation in works on creation and marketing of powerful technological lasers.
the Russian medical lasers are rather perspective in the world market. Here the important role is played by that circumstance that Russia possesses unique techniques of use of these lasers that allows to offer the buyer a package the goods and services. Certainly, sale abroad not only the ready technics, but also components is possible. For example, a high export potential unique Russian technologies of reception of optical components and laser crystals for powerful technological installations possess.
In circles of the laser industry believe that the Russian firms can press seriously enough the western competitors in yet not generated markets Jugo - East Asia, India and the Eastern Europe. China showing readiness can become an important perspective direction of the Russian laser expansion also (partly for political reasons) closely to co-operate with Russia in the field of laser technics. In China assemblage of lasers from the Russian accessories and opening of the centres of laser technics in which it will be possible to carry out various technological operations is already planned and to buy the Russian technics on samples.
Experts believe that with the state support (a $5 million order in a year), coordination of efforts between separate firms (this coordination the Laser association could carry out) and certain commercial activity the Russian firms could through 2 - 3 years to leave on external sales on a $200 million boundary that there would correspond approximately 10 % of the world market.

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By review preparation materials of Laser association and scientifically - production association " are used; the Pole .