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! Defaulters of taxes

In Khabarovsk territory are revealed have concealed almost 8 billion roubles

Tax inspection of Khabarovsk territory yesterday has directed in Central tax
inspection of Russia documents on the concealment facts have arrived almost ten thousand
the enterprises. The total sum of the profit hidden from the taxation makes nearby
eight billions roubles.

By results of the spent tax inspection of Khabarovsk territory checks,
9774 enterprises of edge have hidden from the taxation 7 mlrd 978 million roubles
profits. The deputy chief of the Khabarovsk tax inspection Vitaly
has informed Dzhiudichi to the correspondent that more often the enterprises do not specify
the incomes of game on change of exchange rates. For example, according to tax
inspections, the Khabarovsk intermediary firm " tried to hide from the taxation received thus
profit; vneshtorgobmen . As a result the firm
should pay in 600 million rbl. of the penalty. Besides, the enterprises, aspiring
to reduce the size of the tax to the added cost, frequently underestimate in the
the reporting of the price for the goods sold by them and rendered services.
in lists of infringers and state enterprises. The chief State tax
inspections across Khabarovsk territory Vladimir Shevchyuk has informed that large penalties for
non-payment of taxes are exposed to two oil refining factories of Khabarovsk and
by Komsomolska - on - the Cupid, to joint-stock company Dalles Khabarovsk
to ship-building factory of a name 60 - letija the USSR and another state
to the enterprises.
Thus Shevchyuk is convinced that its service in which works 980 tax
inspectors while not all elicits the facts of infringements.
will return to business about non-payment of taxes on March, 26th when Central tax
inspection of Russia will make the decision on the facts which have been found out Khabarovsk
by the division.