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Theatrum mundi

it is necessary to name Yesterday day of resolute actions - the majority of events are connected with any sharp statements or acts. The exception makes unless Bill Clinton exhausted to the in any way not developing presidential destiny - it anything resolutely has not caused a stir yesterday, however its popularity has continued the prompt enough falling. In total one month ago Clinton as the president arranged more than half of Americans, and already now, according to service of public opinion ABS sympathising Clinton/ WASHINGTON POST, only 46 % consider its worthy this post. Gallup`s institute gives even less pleasant for Clinton vanity the data - only 44 % consider that Clinton should occupy the White house.
of the new president blame much: And that it uses fruits of board of George Bush, and that one of the main points of its economic program - the so-called power tax - will go a heavy burden on shoulders of the ordinary American tax bearer, and, certainly, the conflict of the president to the legislators, doing not wish to realise klintonomiku into the American life. Remember to Clinton and a hairstyle in the military plane at airport Los - Andzhelesa during which time on direct appointment the airport did not function, and many other sins of personal character, and even the set the teeth on edge saxophone.
however, it is necessary to notice that on the American continent the fine tradition allowing to presidents effectively to struggle with the parliament has, seemingly, started to develop. The first the example was submitted by the Peruvian president Alberto Fuhimori, and yesterday it was supported by Guatemalan president Horhe Serrano (Jorge Serrano). The success recipe is simple: The president 1) cancels or temporarily cancels the constitution, 2) dismisses a legislature and 3) suggests to collect a new legislature under other name for discussion and the statement of the new constitution. The fourth component in struggle against legislators - timely connection of army and police which as it also was in a Guatemalan case, should surround the most important buildings. Yes, one more important addition: mass media also should be under control. The reason of so sharp behaviour of Serrano is, most likely, full unsuccessfulness of attempts to come to the peace agreement with being in the armed opposition to the government of Guatemala guerrillas of the extremely left orientation.
small Denmark yesterday has again chained to itself the all-European interest. The head of the central bank of the country Eric Hoffmajer (Erik Hoffmeyer) has acted with rather explicit statement which sense is reduced to that the European currency system is in a deep faint. By the way, words of Hoffmajera can be trusted: until recently he headed committee of the countries of the European Community operating the central banks (this post all heads of the central banks of the EU countries occupy by turns).
the Main reason of a faint, according to the Dane, different remarkable conservatism in banking questions, that eurocurrencies and have not made a uniform organism. After the English pound and Italian lira left the European currency mechanism (EVM), and the peseta, Irish pound and the Portuguese escudo were sharply enough devalvirovany, from currency unity does not remain also a trace, and first of all in the psychological plan. Now any of the central banks of the EU countries will long not fluctuate, making of the decision concerning infringement of rules EVM - precedents already are. Moreover, to those countries which will continue to follow these rules, it is necessary is much worse, than to infringers.
it was rather resolute yesterday and the new prime minister - the minister of Italy Karlo Adzelo Chjampi. It has straight off rejected the offer of the Ministry of Labour concerning distribution the next year the decision made by government Dzhuliano Amato on freezing of a salary by the civil servant. According to newspaper LA REPUBBLICA, in absence of prospects of increase of the salary, and at all in perversity of nature of the Italian officials of Chjampi, probably, sees the reason of corruption which has so exhausted the Italian society.