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Rostekstil searches new partners

for Raw crisis in the textile industry it is possible to overcome

Results of the negotiations which have come to the end yesterday of a management of concern Rostekstil and Associations of manufacturers of a clap of America (CCI) give to hope of improvement of raw maintenance of the textile industry of Russia. The possible scheme of cooperation Rostekstilja and CCI provides purchases of the American clap on account of demand lines of credit of the USA and creation specialised International Russian - the Asian cotton company (MHK).

In the negotiations which have come to the end yesterday have taken part: the representative of London branch CCI of the March Powell (Marsha Powell), employees of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA and the head of concern Rostekstil Boris Fomin. At negotiations it was noticed that absence in Russia the specialised company on trade in a clap with branches in the countries - suppliers (Central Asia, India, the Peoples Republic of China, etc.) Can lead to loss of control over a situation in the Russian market. The foreign transnational trading companies have already begun penetration on the Russian market of a clap, giving, thus, support of a tendency of growth of the internal prices and creating in Russia own structure of wholesale trade.
so the main theme of negotiations, besides realisation of purchases of the American clap on account of demand lines of credit GSM and PL - 480 (in the USA this question lobbies CCI), became prospects of creation MHK. The conclusion that Russia as one of 5 world`s largest consumers of a clap, cannot manage further existing system of trade in these raw materials has been drawn. The basic lack of this system is the binding to the Central Asian suppliers, and also absence in cotton business of Russia vertical integration purchase on import - distribution and preprocessing - processing of fabrics And prevalence in trade in a clap in Russia small intermediaries and the stock exchanges, not allowing them to influence the import prices. As MHK clap purchase on import, maintenance of regular supply of the industry of Russia with it, influence on the prices of the markets of Central Asia and attraction of investments into sphere of processing of a clap can be included. Thus the large commercial bank should be integrated into structure MHK with experience in textile branch. Its role will consist in maintenance of operative calculations at trade in a clap, preferential rouble and currency crediting of regular customers. The largest creditor of the textile industry of Russia - bank MENATEP becomes such bank, most likely.
support of the government of Russia is necessary For project realisation - clearing hlopkoimporta from all types of tax and an establishment for MHK export quotas on the goods which sale will allow to finance clap import. Thus the sizes of quotas should be are adhered To the prices for an imported clap. Observers notice that the price level on the American clap (1,5 million rbl./ t from calculation of $1,5 for kg + 20 % of the VAT against 300 - 400 thousand rbl./ t for the Uzbek clap), can compel Rostekstil to raise the question about introduction big dotatsionnogo factor.
estimating results of negotiations, experts have assumed that Rostekstil tries nonconventional methods to resolve crisis in raw maintenance of branch. on change to legs Bush Clinton clap should come! - Boris Fomin has declared.