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the CENTRAL HOUSE of the ARTIST (the Crimean shaft, 10/ 14, bodies. (095) 238 - 19 - 66): in 16. 00 the exhibition " opens; the Gold brush on which painting, a sculpture and a drawing of the Moscow artists will be presented. In 17. 00 in the same place there will begin work an exhibition of products of Moscow artist Andrey Djukova (painting on the newspaper). In 17. 30 the exhibition " will open; the Project Montreal - Moscow : the works will be presented by three artists of different generations of emigration Natalia Vrangel, Ljubov Genush and Marina Popova.
GALLERY neo - the STEP in A.S.Pushkin`s museum (Arbat, 55/ 32, bodies. (095) 241 - 75 - 66) in 17. 00 opens an exhibition of painting of Shamilja Nadrova Small stories from Pushkin`s life which will last till June, 20th.
In the Bolshoi theatre: Rossini`s opera The SEVILLE BARBER .
In MHATe of Chekhov: TARTJUF under Moliere`s play. Anatoly Efros`s statement. In performance are occupied Stanislav Ljubshin, Alexander Kalyagin, Vyacheslav Nevinnyj.
in Lenkome: SCHOOL FOR EMIGRANTS under Dmitry Lipskerova`s play directed by Mark Zaharova.
At theatre the Satyricon : a comedy - ballet the IMAGINARY PATIENT under Moliere`s play. Alexander Gorbanja`s statement.
At theatre - Oleg Tabakova`s studios: performance under Alexander Bogdanovicha`s play the NORTH - OST . Oleg Tabakova`s statement. Maria Mironov participates In performance.
SANKT - Petersburg
At the Maryinsky Theater: Mozart`s opera the MAGIC FLUTE directed by Shteffana Pionteka. Scenery are created by Matiasom Ruprehtom.
In Big Drama Theatre of Tovstonogova pass tours MHATa of Chekhov. Today - performance UNCLE VANJA under Chekhov`s play.
In the Movie centre on Presne in a cycle Masters of film direction will pass the prime minister of an erotic thriller of the Novel Half-Jansky the BITTER MOON (France - Great Britain - the USA, 1991) . In leading roles of Emmanuel to Senja and Peter Kojot.
In the Big hall of Conservatory will sound the Requiem Mozart performed by the SYMPHONIC CHAPEL of Russia. Conductor VALERY HALF-JANSKY (is more detailed about a concert - on p. 11).
In the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky today will pass evening of piano music. VLADIMIR OVCHINNIKOV will execute Skryabin`s product, Sheet and Debussy.
SANKT - Petersburg
In a philharmonic society of jazz music - a concert and jam - session with participation TRIO - PLUS (Sweden) and the best Petersburg jazzmen.
Today in 12. 00 in show room GUMa (the first line) the press - conference which spends agency " will take place transferred since May, 24th; the Center . A press - conference is devoted the opened exhibition of clocks of the past century.