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The Office of Public Prosecutor has protested a judgement

Business the Kaluga outpost the Supreme court

will be engaged planned to return to events around Center KNIT - the Kaluga outpost
on March, 17th, however yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has protested the presidium decision
Moscow City Court about removal of action under the claim of the Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor to Kaluga
to an outpost (shines these events since October, 1992). The protest behind the signature
the assistant to General public prosecutor Sabira Kehlerova has been directed in Supreme
court of Russia.

the Employee of the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor of Valentine Peregudova has explained
to the correspondent that the Moscow City Court has closed business in view of that it ostensibly
podvedomstvenno only to arbitration court . However, as consider in Office of Public Prosecutor,
it is incorrect, as one of the parties in business is represented by the enterprise with
foreign investments. According to employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, business Kaluga
outposts it has been biassedly considered and in the first instance - in October
narsude which has not heard the representative Russian - the French firm.