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Explosion in New sandy street

the Explosive was self-made

Yesterday in 01. 20 in a call centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow the message on strong explosion around New sandy street has arrived. The employees who have arrived on a scene of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and municipal department of militia the Falcon have found out that explosion has occurred on the ground floor of the house #17 on New sandy street where the firm office " is located; Inko .

As has informed the correspondent one of field investigators leaving on a scene, the explosive of the big destructive force most likely has been thrown in an office window. As a result of explosion windows on the ground floor of a six-storied building are completely beaten out, windows of the top floors are partially damaged. At firm office walls have suffered, a floor and a ceiling, however evacuation of tenants of the apartments close damaged explosion, was not spent. According to the field investigators, thrown in a window of office of firm Inko the explosive was self-made.