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Annual meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company RELCOM

Control over the market cost to shareholders of dividends

One of the largest investment projects of company RINAKO - creation of a network of electronic communications Relcom - according to the experts the companies, should become a favourable investment of means in long-term prospect as would allow to receive control over country information field. On May, 24th in Moscow the first annual meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company " has taken place; Relcom created for service of the telecommunication network with the same name. To shareholders Relcom the report on results of deployment of a network and balance results of the last fiscal year have been delivered.

the President of joint-stock company Alexey Soldatov has told to shareholders about results of activity of a society for the first year of its existence. As he said, till 1992 a computer network Relcom existed on public principles - on the basis of oral arrangements between in knots networks in various cities. Creation of the centralised joint-stock company has allowed to improve essentially network work, having translated it on a commercial basis.
a number of the organisations from which the atomic energy Institute was the largest, has transferred joint-stock company Relcom the electronic equipment and the software as the contribution to an authorised capital stock. By words g - on Soldatov, for expired year Relcom has made large purchases of technics for network development. As a result market cost of a part of actives of the company made of the equipment, following the results of a year has increased four times.
as well as any long-term investment project, creation of an electronic network Relcom Has demanded considerable attraction of financial resources, thus to investors it was primary it is declared that hardly it is necessary to expect fast return of means for the invested capital. Predictably, at meeting of shareholders the decision reinvestirovat profit " was accepted; Relcom which general size even after payment of taxes would not allow to pay at least on 100 rbl. on one ordinary registered stock a face-value of 1 thousand rbl. Moreover, not absolutely successfully constructed scheme of subscription campaign and obviously long-term character of investments into actions Relcom have not caused rough interest to these papers from investors - an authorised capital stock Relcom for May, 1st has been generated hardly probable on a quarter from the declared sum of issue (0,8 mlrd rbl.) That has pushed meeting of shareholders to confirm the decision on reduction of size of the declared authorised capital stock of a society to 0,2 mlrd rbl.
Not absolutely successful financial results Relcom according to experts, reflect a well-known epigraph to the American textbooks on economy - There is no such thing as a free lunch . Absence of impressing balance indicators is an obvious payment for that competitive advantage which was possible to receive networks Relcom in the market of telecommunication services. For today Relcom really is the most mass and readily available network of e-mail, covering all territory of the former USSR. Moreover, being child RINAKO, an electronic network Relcom it was initially considered within the limits of investment programs carried out by the company. So, now networks the place of an information and telecommunication cover of the project carried out by managers RINAKO " is taken away; the Organized market - transnational depozitarnoj the networks, allowing to carry out transfer and a re-registration of securities on territory of the country. Already now all stock exchanges of Russia communicate following the results of the auctions through a network Relcom and electronic bulletin boards of a network (teleconference) are intensively used for off-exchange trade in actions.