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Large swindle with letters of guarantee

Stokbank refuses to answer on the guarantees

Recently with the greatest popularity among bank swindles began to use such, as a non-return of the credits received under a bank guarantee. Already paid to it attention of readers. It is enough to remember that for the organisation of such operation in which result from Russia has abroad flowed away $140 million, chairman of the board Tehko - bank Vladimir Rovensky has paid with life. Now in the attention centre there was other commercial bank - Stokbank. Last year it has given out to several firms letters of guarantee for reception of credits (for a total sum in 200 million rbl.) In other commercial banks. But when these firms have not returned credits, Stokbank, in turn, has refused to carry out the guarantee certificates. Yesterday heads of the suffered banks have sent Victor Gerashchenko the letter where have specified that letters of guarantee stood out Stokbankom without intentions to answer on them .

in conversation with the correspondent heads of the suffered banks have asked not to disclose names of the banks, but have given all documents under the given out credits. From them follows that in September, 1992 their banks under guarantees of Stokbanka have given out credits to three firms - Govaldu to Russian economic society and to joint-stock company API. The Total sum of credits has made 200 million rbl.: API has received 90 million rbl. (at a dollar exchange rate at that time - $300 thousand), Russian economic society - 60 million rbl. ($200 thousand) and Govald 50 million rbl. ($167 thousand) . Credits stood out under 120 % annual, and in a case nepogashenija Stokbank should return them. And in the letters of guarantee which have been given out by Stokbankom, it was specified that in a case nepogashenija the credit the client, the bank which is giving out the credit, has the right to make without the preliminary prevention repayment of the given out sum taking into account due percent from a corresponding account of Stokbanka in the Central Bank of Russia.
any credit has not been returned. The banks which were giving out credits, in January, 1993 have addressed in Stokbank with claims. Their total sum has made 300,607 million rbl. However chairman of the board Stokbanka Michael Konotopov of the claim has rejected, explaining it to that guarantee certificates (according to item 210 and 203 GK Russia) should be issued the written contract of the guarantor and the creditor, and such contract did not consist. Two banks from three have managed to achieve bezaktseptnogo write-off of means from a corresponding account of Stokbanka in RKTS GU the Central Bank of Russia across Moscow according to the letters of guarantee which have been given out by Stokbankom. Konotopov has considered such write-off erroneous on what has informed chief GU the Central Bank of Russia across Moscow to Konstantin Shoru the letter from April, 27th. He also has demanded to restore the written off means for a corresponding account of Stokbanka, but this requirement has not been satisfied. The third bank which was giving out the credit to firm Govald has addressed in Moscow arbitration with the claim to Stokbanku who was not considered yet.
under data, the guarantee of Stokbanka under credits was received by firms which were not going to return them, and converted and have translated abroad. Thus, Stokbank has involuntarily appeared is involved in the swindle similar to operation, spent Tehko - bank. Interesting and that criminal case upon swindle in this case militia is not raised yet.