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Round the new Constitution

Anatoly Lukjanov will finish the Constitution project

Latest developments show that the parliament starts to lose to the president in the constitutional race. Yesterday`s attempt to open in the White house meeting of representatives of subjects of federation on the account of offers to the Constitution project if has not ended with a failure, anyway, has not justified the expectations assigned to it by adherents of the parliamentary project, - on meeting has arrived hardly more ten representatives of regions. On the other hand, as the head of Presidential Administration Sergey Filatov has informed at a yesterday`s briefing in the Kremlin, by May, 25th 60 from 88 Russian regions have confirmed the participation in Constitutional meeting convoked by Boris Yeltsin. Thus Filatov has declared again that congress, after April, 25th, is not proxy to accept the Constitution.

According to Sergey Filatova, the aggregate number of participants of the Constitutional meeting will make on June, 5th nearby 600 persons: 50 persons - from the president and the government, 14 - from parliamentary fractions, 95 members of the Constitutional commission (if, naturally, all fractions and all committee-men take part in meeting), 176 representatives of subjects of federation and 250 persons - from political and public organisations, trade unions, faiths, local government, businessmen.
in spite of the fact that the closing date of acceptance of demands of parties and public organisations has expired on May, 25th while in Presidential Administration there is no exact data about quantity of their representatives at meeting. However it is already known, from officially registered 32 in Russia of parties 27 have decided to participate in meeting. The Russian public union has put forward Anatoly Lukjanova`s representative. The front of national rescue and Incorporated front of workers have refused participation in meeting on June, 5th.
speaking about procedure of acceptance of the new Constitution, Sergey Filatov has noticed that it will depend on a concrete political situation at the moment of end of completion of the Constitution (presumably, the definitive variant will be developed by the end of June). Project positions about the federative state device, the rights and powers of the president, the organisation of the higher judicial authority become Main points about which, according to Filatova, speech at meeting will go. Thus Filatov has not excluded possibility enough serious changes of the project, having noted, however, that anyway, last word remains for the president to whom the modifed text should be presented.
the further destiny of the project on - former is not clear. Observers tend to that participation of congress in the constitutional process becomes more and more problematic. According to Filatova, more than three hundred People`s Deputies have already informed on refusal of participation in the further congresses, without refusing thus mandates. It is almost enough of it for quorum failure. However the president`s team obviously intends as - to use that the members of parliament possessing the legal right . Possibly, the president or will suggest VS to approve a special order of acceptance of the Constitution, or its acceptance will be it is consecrated members of the Constitutional commission.