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Image makers of the USA learn businessmen of Russia

Americans consider Russia as paradise for political scientists

On the threshold of convocation of the Constitutional meeting business circles of the country stirred up the political activity. The conference which has opened yesterday in Sochi Elections: a call and alternative is the action first in Russia on an exchange of experience between the Russian businessmen defending the political interests and declaring promotion of new leaders, and leading American image makers. Correspondents take part in conference work GALINA - GALKIN and SERGEY - ANTS.

Initiators of carrying out of conference Elections: a call and alternative Within the limits of Aspensky dialogue there were the International centre of civil authorities (USA) led by Marshal Kaplan (Marshall Kaplan) and the International association of heads of the enterprises (Russia) headed by businessmen Mark Masarsky and Konstantin Zatulin. It is the fifth meeting within the limits of a forum. The first has passed in September, 1991 in Aspene (Colorado, the USA). Present conference is devoted for the first time the organisation of election campaigns.

the Russian side is presented to Sochi almost by 50 participants. Members of new movement " became initiators of carrying out of conference; Businessmen for new Russia led by its co-ordinator Konstantin Zatulin that has in many respects predetermined also structure of the Russian delegation. They are representatives of the All-Russia union Updating Republican and Democratic parties of Russia, parliamentary fractions Change - the New policy and the Consent for the sake of progress . In cooperation with them businessmen create the right centre liberally - conservative orientation.
Konstantin Zatulin who has opened conference has noticed that planned in the beginning of 1993 the meeting has had as it is impossible by the way before the Constitutional meeting and discussion of the law on elections. The exchange of experience in area of the organisation of election campaigns is dated and even for one event - to I constituent congress of new movement Businessmen for new Russia which will open in Moscow on June, 18th. It is expected that on it the decision on promotion of new leaders on forthcoming elections will be accepted. Potential candidates on whom intend to put businessmen, are called Sergey Shahraj and Grigory Javlinsky. The first as has informed g - n Zatulin, should arrive to Sochi and take part in conference. And Grigory Javlinsky has gone on May, 23rd to Washington where will meet heads of Council about foreign policy of the USA, IMF and where, probably, its informal meeting with Bill Clinton will take place.
among the American participants of conference Elections: a call and alternative - the adviser of the vice-president of the USA Albert Gora Robert Skvajr (Robert Squaer), the president of Association of bankers of the USA Richard Kirk (Richard Kirk), the adviser of the former vice-president of the USA of Nelson of Rockefeller and one of organizers of election campaign of Dzheralda Ford John Diadorff (John Deardourff). On their general impression, Russia today - paradise for the political scientist. The basic thesis of the American image makers: the policy is a business, but the main thing in it not money, and professionalism of organizers of campaigns . Americans assume to teach professionalism the Russian participants at conference which will last till May, 29th. On its results will inform on June, 1st.