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on the Troekurovsky cemetery will pass Today MICHAEL`S STESHOVA funeral, the professor of historical faculty in Moscow Moscow state university of M.V.Lomonosova, the founder and former managing chair of history of the Soviet society.
Michael Steshov has begun the labour activity in 1936. In days of the Great Patriotic War was at war in the ranks of a national home guard, has been wounded. It is awarded by awards of Patriotic war of I degree and the Honour Sign .
In the end of 40 - h years Steshov has organised chair of history of the Soviet society which headed up to the leaving on pension in the end of 80 - h years. It conducted the big scientific work, has published a number of monographies and scientific articles the part from which is translated on many European languages. For the big merits in the field of social studies Michael Steshov in the end of 70 - h has been awarded years ranks the Honored worker of a science of Russia .
Michael Steshov has died at the age of 91 years.

On Saturday in Philadelphia the known pianist of MECHISLAV HORZHOVSKI (Mieczyslaw Horszowski) has died.
Horzhovski has entered into music world on a boundary XIX - the XX-th centuries. During a time of a creative maturity it worked with known Spanish violoncellist Pablo Kasalsom (Pablo Casals). In 1942 he began to teach at the well-known Institute Curtis in Philadelphia. Among its pupils were Sejmur Lipkin (Seymour Lipkin), Peter Serkin (Peter Serkin) and Mjurrej Perahija (Murray Perahia).
Mechislav Horzhovski was born on June, 23rd, 1892 in Lvov (then - Poland). In the childhood of the house it was trained in game on a piano, then studied in local conservatory then has gone to Vienna. Its the first performance has taken place in Warsaw when he was 9 years old. The young pianist has executed the Concert of #1 Si - a major Beethoven.
Horzhovski possessed remarkable performing talent and even has spent an original musical marathon, having executed all solo for Beethoven`s piano in 12 concerts and Mozart`s all sonatas in 4 concerts. After that its popularity became improbable.
further it has rendered a great influence on formation of musicians 30 - 40 - h, having opened it Chopin and Mozart, Schubert, Debussy and Bach. Thanks to magnificent memory it continued to act with concerts when to it it was already far for 80. Its last concert has taken place on April, 23rd, 1990 Record from this concert left on a compact - a disk.
Horzhovski has not lived all month to the 101 - summer anniversary.

Yesterday in Mexico at the age of 66 years the cardinal rimsko - the Catholic church, one of leading church dignitaries of Mexico JUAN Posadas OKAMPO (Juan Posadas Ocampo) was lost.
Okampo - one of two church dignitaries of Mexico having a dignity of the cardinal, - has been appointed to a post of cardinal Guadalahary two years ago by father John Pavel II. Under the preliminary version, the cardinal became a victim of collision between police and a narcogang at airport Guadalahary in which was lost 5 more person. In Mexico was only two persons who had a dignity of the cardinal.

yesterday in Grozny DUDAEV, the nephew of the president of the Chechen Republic Dzhohara Dudaev was lost SHAMIL.
Collisions have occurred during the meeting of opposition spent on the Theatre square. 23 - summer Shamil Dudaev has been mortally wounded in suddenly arisen firing and has died, when it have already taken to hospital.

ANATOLY LOBCHENKO (41 year), the commercial director of firm Faust . Funeral of Lobchenko has passed yesterday on Nikolo - Arkhangelsk a cemetery.
GRIGORY SARAPUTY (31 year), the manager trading - intermediary firm the Impulse . The body of Saraputy has been cremated yesterday in the Mitinsky crematorium.