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Ecological report

tomatoes have come To the Moscow shops - mutants

News of week from area of applied ecology are united by chemistry. In Moscow began to sell fresh tomatoes with nitrates and other, absolutely undesirable to internal consumption, chemistry. To St.-Petersburg this week there was milk chocolate Rica+Don, why - that possessing laxative effect. And in the butter which has arrived to Norilsk straight from America, local sanepidnadzor has found out heavy metals.

Be careful at purchase of fresh tomatoes. This week in the Moscow shops tomatoes in which it is a lot of chemistry have arrived.
their colour differs from habitual - it not equal red, and pale a little. The chemistry abundance can give out and the wrong form of tomatoes - there are outgrowths, hollows; also tomatoes happen are a little extended as a whole or in any one party. All is signs of the mutation which have come owing to qualitative and quantitative influence of chemical elements. As to taste it at such tomatoes almost completely is absent. An abundance in vegetables of nitrates, pesticides and other undesirable chemical impurity harms to health. In particular, consumption of significant amounts such impurity can negatively affect activity endokrinnoj systems. It is necessary to mean that sellers after some selection of poor-quality party can throw out the most non-standard fruits and achieve almost decent appearance of tomatoes on a counter. Therefore before to make purchase, attentively study, what exactly you are going to buy. Harmful tomatoes have been noticed in Sokolnikah, Tushino, on all Trade-union street and around the underground Half-Ezhaevsky (is more rare - in the centre).
look narrowly and at the fresh cabbage which has appeared in shops of the centre and jugo - the West of Moscow. It also can appear poor-quality, though also harmless.
the cabbage is delivered from Moscow suburbs. It is not unhealthy, however and all flavouring qualities has left in vegetable storehouses where observance of storage conditions concerned, seemingly, with prohladtsej. A poor-quality head of cabbage - friable, between its leaves a lot of free space, at attentive survey it is possible to find out rotting signs.
to St.-Petersburg this week has brought milk chocolate Rica+Don possessing unusual for ordinary chocolate - and in general qualitative products - ability to break zheludochno - intestinal activity.
Rica+Don it is packaged in sine - red 50 - gramme packings. Judging by inscriptions, chocolate is made in Germany, however unconditionally to trust it not so - that it would be desirable - already many, having eaten for a day one - two portions, have noted at itself signs of easy infringement zheludochno - intestinal activity (fortunately, not demanding references to the doctor). Any specific indications to product reception on its packing does not contain. Its chemical analysis was not spent yet, and than are caused laxatives properties of chocolate while remains a riddle (use at its manufacturing of poor-quality water or milk is not excluded, for example, but one it, most likely, would be a little). Chocolate basically in city centre is on sale, but meets and on suburbs.
and even leaving week has brought the message that heavy metals meet not only in domestic food (about the Petersburg macaroni sated with them Ekosvodka informed in the autumn). Now them have found in butter from America.
it should not to reach Moscow and, especially, St.-Petersburg - the party of this product has arrived directly from the USA to Norilsk. Tjazhelometallichesky additives has found out local sanepidstantsija: Tests have shown that oil, except habitual components, contains heavy metals in the quantities exceeding any maximum permissible norms - even under the Russian standards. Sale of this oil is, of course, forbidden - in spite of the fact that the product has the quality certificate. About influence of heavy metals and their salts on a human body in Ekosvodke it was informed more than once. We will remind only of the most dangerous are not predicted and uncontrollable gene mutations.