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American veny in a motor show Intrada

Cars from America with Swiss the name have appeared in Moscow

Several years ago on the Russian roads there were unusual foreign cars - on configuration they reminded rafiki or Oise but looked unlike the Soviet models smartly. Now similar cars becomes more and more, and practically everyone knows that it is the well-known American minivans.
such cars are intended for rest by a family or the company. But usually only business is not limited to it - many owners adapt them, for example, under offices on wheels. Interest to minivans constantly grows in Russia, and motor shows react to it in appropriate way. Past Friday in the Moscow motor show Intrada the party of new minivans has arrived. It is the most expensive version of Chevrolet Chevy Van - High Top Conversion Geneva.

As the director of a motor show " has informed; Intrada Sergey Tchudin, salon already has experience of sale of this updating (see for March, 20th). The first lot of cars has dispersed quickly enough, and the salon has decided to continue trade in these venami. Experts notice that a motor show Intrada - a unique place where it is possible to buy Chevy Van such updating.
Chevrolet Chevy Van High Top Conversion Geneva is calculated on the driver and seven passengers. It is equipped with the engine V - 8 volume 5,7 litres. The main objective of founders of the car - to provide a maximum level of comfort for the driver and passengers - has caused design of salon and a running gear design.
convenient anatomic sitting are equipped by automatic adjustment and memory back sitting are displayed and form a bed. Tonirovannye glasses are equipped by the electric drive and shtorkami. Illumination in salon is rather original: it is possible to include individual illumination for each passenger, the muffled ceiling light, illumination of a floor or the general light. Certainly that these four kinds of illumination can work and simultaneously. Brakes have antiblocking system, transmission - automatic.
distinctive features of this updating - aluminium footboards, an aluminium cover for a spare wheel and the television aerial on a roof. In salon, except the TV, there is a videorecorder and a radio tape recorder with vosemju dinamikami. All it an economy it is possible to operate by means of a remote control. Chevrolet Chevy Van High Top Conversion Geneva cost - $50 thousand

the motor show Address Intrada : street Ohotnij rjad, d. 2. Phone: (095 925 - 93 - 36.