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Explosion of the car with dynamite

the Drug baron declared dinamitnuju war

The day before yesterday late at night in Bogota (Colombia) the truck filled with dynamite has blown up. As a result of explosion of 15 persons were lost, 120 more have got wounds. The Colombian authorities make responsible for an event the leader medelinskogo cartel Pablo Eskobara.

In 1993 in the Colombian capital it is blown up already seven autobombs. As a result of first six explosions were lost 25 and have got wounds almost 300 persons. dinamitnuju war drug baron Pablo Eskobar running from prison in July of last year conducts. The leader medelinskogo cartel has begun military operations after the authorities have refused to accept its conditions voluntary appearances with guilty . In particular, requirements of Eskobara about maintenance of its safety with divisions of the Air Forces and the Navy of Colombia and resignation of some officers medelinskoj polices, and also transfer in prison where the drug baron will contain, its accomplices who are in prison are rejected.

the truck in which was more than explosive centner, has been parked in northern part of the Colombian capital opposite to large shopping centre. A blast wave has knocked out glasses in windows of the houses located in radius of 500 metres. On an explosion place the funnel in diameter more than four metres was formed. Fire brigades could not extinguish the arisen fire in which have burnt down tens cars, some hours.
during the investigation, begun by the Colombian authorities, it was found out that the truck stolen on the eve of act of terrorism has been blown up with use of the device of remote control. According to special services, the order on explosion of the next autobomb, as well as previous, has been given Pablo Eskobarom.