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(The summit in Minsk)

Presidents discussed meetings of leaders of the CIS the Commonwealth future

having initiated carrying out of an extraordinary meeting of heads of the states of the Commonwealth, taken place yesterday in Minsk, the Russian president, seemingly, pursued two aims. He wanted, in - the first, to show to Russians the organising role in the CIS, and in - the second, to achieve acceptance of desirable decisions for Russia, strengthening integration within the limits of Commonwealth that is quite possible, considering desire of presidents to support Boris Yeltsin on the eve of a referendum.

On a meeting there have arrived the first persons of all member states of Commonwealth, except for Askara Akaeva and Saparmurada Niyazov - presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. But if absence of the first is caused by sharply become aggravated opposition with the Kirghiz parliament observers regard nonparticipation of the second as one more acknowledgement of a course of a Turkmen management on an exit from the CIS.
it is visible, proceeding from gravity of a theme, the head of the states have decided to leave far away from the press and have left in country governmental residence Zaslavl . The main theme of discussion - performance of the arrangements reached during existence of Commonwealth, and its further destiny. During the moment when this material already was sent for the press, the meeting still proceeded, and it was possible to judge a position of participants only indirectly, under their statements.
the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has declared before a departure to Minsk: During the existence of the CIS has accepted 270 documents. Only small part from them works today. Therefore in this present kind of the CIS it is inefficient. Or the Commonwealth will create the efficient mechanism of realisation of the accepted decisions, or this form of has settled .
Ukraine, according to its president Leonid Kravchuka, also supports that the Commonwealth worked effectively. Kravchuk has noticed that before participants of a present meeting there are two main tasks. The first - to define how to live further within the limits of the Commonwealth, what directions to select for the further cooperation. The second that it is possible to make already now, considers Kravchuk so it to undertake necessary steps that the documents signed within the limits of Commonwealth have earned.
the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev also has supported necessity accurately to be defined on the Commonwealth future .
About meeting results will tell in number on April, 20th