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The festival " has ended; the Second premiere

the Child human has won Cynics

Yesterday in the Movie centre on Red Presne solemn ceremony of closing of III film festival " has taken place; the Second premiere (about its opening wrote on April, 9th). Prizes of spectator jury have received films the Child human (director Jan Strejch) and the Arbitrator (director Ivan Okhlobystin). Organizers - the Moscow firm the Premiere plus and the Petersburg firm the Cyclone (the sponsor of festival) - remained are happy with results of action: all displays have passed at the notice.

Some observers were surprised with success which daily viewings of festival " used this year; the Second premiere . Big and small halls of the Movie centre have been overflowed not only on displays cinema for all But also on viewings cinema for the where were shown such elite tapes, as Gardens of a scorpion Oleg Kovalova or the Smile Sergey Popova. However many experts consider an agiotage round festival absolutely natural - the spectators who were tired of cheap American hand-made articles on screens of the Russian cinemas, have missed for a long time on Russian-speaking cinema.
the victory in competition of spectator sympathies of a film of the director Yana Strejcha who has received from film critics a nickname " became pleasant unexpectedness for organizers; Latvian derevenshchika . Its psychological drama the Child human has outstripped more spectator tapes the Foot Cynics the Ladder . Still bolshej prize award in a category " became unexpectedness; cinema for the to the first work of recent graduate VGIK of Ivan Okhlobystin, a film The arbitrator . In due time the film has received negative estimations of criticism. However among spectators of festival the it has appeared which clip style " is close; the Arbitrator there was a majority.
observers notice that to organizers the Second premiere it was possible to prove that their purpose - to Return the Russian cinema to the spectator - it is not too unreal.