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Mercedes expands presence at Russia

German concern follows the new policy

Yesterday visit to Russia delegations of the German automobile concern of Mercedes-Benz AG, headed has come to the end with the chairman of the board of concern Verner Niferom (Werner Niefer). He has declared the beginning of wide cooperation of firm with Russia: at bus factory in Golitsyn situated near Moscow assemblage of buses under Mercedes-Benz licence (see from April, 6th and 16) has begun. And yesterday the agreement with the government of Moscow about purchase of 100 cars Mercedes for a city taxi is signed. Representatives of the government of Russia have informed on interest of a management of Mercedes-Benz AG in the organisation of co-production of buses on ZiLe. According to experts, the concern expands the activity in Russia according to the new strategy providing release of variety new (and less expensive) models, and also production with mark Mercedes abroad.

On presentation of the Golitsynsky project g - n Nifer said that the success of this project testifies to steady movement of Russia to the market. Renewal of financing of the project raises trust of Mercedes-Benz to the Russian partners: intensive negotiations are carried on and is declared new intentions of firm in the field of co-production. The success in Russia promotes also to a raising of a rating of Mercedes-Benz: as soon as it became known about opening of the letter of credit under a guarantee of the Russian government, at the Frankfurt stock exchange Mercedes-Benz AG share price has grown. Now the German concern will receive additional means (currency - DM250 million - in the Golitsynsky project are invested by the Russian company Avtrokon ) Which will allow it to lower own costs, inevitable at transition to release of new models and manufacture modernisation. And golitsynsky the factory by the end of 1995 will have the capacities, allowing to let out 2500 buses Mercedes O303 in a year.

the bus of third generation Mercedes O303 is issued since 1974. It is intended for suburban and long-distance routes and calculated on 50 passengers. The maximum speed - 130 km/ ch. Capacity of the engine - 365 l. With. Fuel consumption - 22 litres on 100 km of run. Assemblage of buses of this type is stopped in Germany in February, 1993.

financing of the Golitsynsky project is carried out at the expense of the credit given by a consortium of Deutsche Banks. Credit repayment will begin in two years - at the expense of the means received by the company Avtrokon from sale of buses.
Presentation in Golitsyn, as well as variety of meetings and negotiations with a concern management, passed in frameworks of the two-day seminar organised Moscow international press - club (the president - Edward Sagalayev) and branch on public relations of Mercedes-Benz led by Uve Brodbekom (Uwe Brodbeck).

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