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The restaurant criticism

in November of last year of edition it became known that international firm “ Rosinter “ to which posesses such solid Moscow restaurants, as Le Chalet and “ the Spanish corner “ in hotel “ Moscow “ is going to open the next institution. Our correspondent DARYA TSIVINA for a long time already “ turned “ at the closed input in restaurant Sombi`s, patiently waiting the hour. And here, at last, this hour has come, and “ Kombi`s “ has opened before it doors.

On a colour neon signboard mysterious word Ρombi`s flickered. The input in restaurant looked extremely mnogoobeshchajushche. Having come inside and, without reflecting, having slipped by round plastic tables, a show-window - buffet and small turn in cash desk, I have rashly appeared in an office at the director. Where the hall of new restaurant is located? Here that excited me most of all. Yes - yes, you have correctly guessed. That I have accepted for any “ Fast - foot “ (Fast - foot) at a new institution “ Rosintera “ also it has appeared “ Κξμαθ`cξμ “. Happens in life and such.
certainly, it was possible to apologise and leave simply. But, in - the first, I have decided that should - taki to tell all to you about a new institution (and that too at it a signboard tempting), and in - the second, the phenomenon “ a public catering “ on - American it seemed to me a worthy theme for our heading. Therefore at once prepare to that neither the French pastes, nor Japanese susi, Italian dolce do not wait for us today. Today it will be a question of America. That is about sandwiches and canned beer.
“ Kombi`s “ - the first institution in Moscow, created as American daily. These are the American day cafes where submit only sandwiches, salads, desserts, the cook - kolu and beer. Ware here disposable, the clothes are not provided, the main feature - speed of service. Have a bite for fifteen - twenty minutes and run further. In America such cafes are very extended, along with their nearest companions of MsDonalds. Also they are popular not only among schoolboys. Thousand employees are limited during a lunch in pair sandwiches. And more the high-ranking officials usually having dinner in clubs or on formal receptions, their sandwich all the same overtakes houses - for a breakfast or a supper (after all rich businessmen seldom have too economic wives.)
So, the sandwich - a life integral part on - American - has appeared in Moscow. And, judging by quantity of the visitors thirsting with it to get acquainted, already has the big success. Why? Well, as the director " explains; Kombi`sa “ g - zha Regina Almejda (Regina Almeida), people like to combine. Cafes - restaurant and named - Ρombi`s, from English combination. The In itself argument is quite convincing: stoskovavshiesja on a freedom in choosing Russians with pleasure manipulate sausages, cheeses and vegetables for the sandwiches and taste “ this sweet word ` Freedom ` “. But, as it was found out, to visitors “ Κξμαθ`cΰ “ already ready ten variants of sandwiches - with a ham, a carbonate, fileem are offered, a hen, a tuna, the salami can and so forth be Chosen only “ a garnish “: with mayonnaise or without, with a tomato or a marinaded cucumber, with cheese or an onions (all is possible also together). So to the person on - to the present freedom-loving especially not to clear up, not to mention “ great kombinatorah “.
By the way, at first a new institution wanted to name “ on the father “ that is American daily. But were afraid that daily it will be read by visitors as Delhi, capital of India. This thoughtful approach to the Russian client has especially excited me. I even have thought, whether it is time also to our newspaper to change the name. And that suddenly us read as “ Indian (that is Delhi) the businessman “? And we and in a moustache do not blow...
the second advantage “ Kombis`a “ like speed of service would be. But, strangely enough, our people come here “ to sit “. We face this phenomenon not for the first time. Remember, how the director of one " complained to me; the Bistro “ on useless visitors, rassizhivajushchihsja there for hours and hours (see for February, 23rd)? It is visible, at the Russian person does not leave to eat on - American, quickly and almost on the run. And here “ not on - European “ that is unpretentiously and simply - like it would turn out. Already well.
and so why on sandwiches in “ Κξμαθ`c “ hundreds people a day come? Not got rid “ Soviet “ the habit is with a minimum of conveniences, in turmoil and haste. Well and sandwiches are, of course, more tasty, than a stale sandwich with the dried up cheese from the nearest dining room. And in the rest - usual “ a public catering “. It that on - American that on - russki looks almost equally. And, it is visible, anywhere to us from it not to get to.

the prices in “ Kombis`e “ are not too high. Sandwiches stand from 650 rbl. (with a ham) to 1000 rbl. (with roast beef). It is presented six kinds of salads: salad with a tuna costs 620 rbl., salad with a hen - 300 rbl., macaroni salad - 250 rbl., salad “ Peak - nik “ - 270 rbl., salad “ Kohl - Slou “ - 280 rbl., potato salad - 260 rbl. the Portion of a pie with fruit costs 550 rbl. canned beer Heiniken, Miller, Amstel at the price of 700 rbl., dairy cocktails at the price from 600 rbl. to 720 rbl.

the restaurant Address Is presented: avenue of the World, d. 46/ 48. Phone: (095 288 - 64 - 02.