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! Meeting on the national policy

Representatives of the Volga region and Ural Mountains have supported unity of Russia

Participants of two-day meeting the Ethnopolitical situation in region
the Volga region and Ural Mountains come to the end on Sunday in Samara, have called to
to the prompt creation of the mechanism of realisation of the Federal contract, and also
have supported preservation of the all-Russian statehood and integrity
territories of Russia . About the beginning of meeting and about the basic problems of region
wrote on February, 27th.

7 republics, 12 areas concern Povolzhsko - to the Ural region and
Komi - Permjatsky district. 72,9 % of the population living in their territory,
Slavs make, 17,5 % - Turkis, 4,8 % - ugro - Finns.
only in Chuvashiya the radical nation makes the majority of region republics. At the same time in
each area of region among the basic Russian population there are places
compact residing of Tatars, the Bashkir, Chuvashs, mordvy, Ukrainians, Germans,

the Meeting was spent at the initiative of Soviet of nationalities VS and Goskomnatsa
Russia. To Samara the first heads territorial
region formations - chairmen of councils and the head of administrations have been invited. However
only from Kalmykia there has arrived chairman VS, and other republics and areas
have been presented at lower level. So, for example, Bashkortostan has sent
the expert of secretary VS the Chelyabinsk area - the senior reviewer
regional administrations. Insufficient level of representation, in opinion
observers though has lowered effect of meeting, nevertheless can
be considered and as the positive moment as testifies that
the ethnic question in region is not necessary so sharply to cause
anxiety of the authorities.
participants of meeting have accepted the Reference to the people of Russia in which
have supported preservation of the all-Russian statehood and integrity
Russia and also for creation of the mechanism of realisation of the Federal contract,
which till now, in their opinion, remains only political declaration.
the Samara meeting has supported idea of creation of the federal program
national revival of the people of Russia which will be formed from below:
subjects of federation will create a number of regional programs on which basis
the program all-Russian will be prepared.
Meeting carrying out in this region not casually, - leading expert Goskomnatsa of Russia Irek Sabirov has told
to the correspondent. - At
the people occupying it concerning various language groups, different
to the faiths, having the customs and culture, unique experience
joint residing is stored. It is an example for other people .