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Dump of actions NIPEK has not occurred

Shareholders do not hasten to leave corporation

the buying up which has Begun in the end of March by investment corporation NIPEK of own actions yet has not brought desirable result. The results of the last week brought yesterday joint-stock company NTT (affiliated firm NIPEK under securities), have shown that despite the high price of buying up of actions - 2,5 face values - shareholders do not hasten to leave with NIPEK. 1,5 % from their total were possible to redeem the companies only. Now buying up of actions of corporation is spent without restriction of quantity and terms on 2,5 face values, and since April, 20th - on 3 face values.

the Decision it was accepted to spend buying up of actions at the annual meeting which has taken place on March, 29th on which shareholders NIPEK have voted for refusal of dividends and reinvestirovanie have arrived to working out of new oil fields. Declaring the price of buying up of actions in 2,5 thousand rbl. That almost twice exceeds quotations of these securities in the secondary market, the corporation pursued at once two aims. First of all, buying up of papers would allow NIPEK to reserve the actions which cost has already repeatedly exceeded face value - corporation real estate estimate in 10 - 12 mlrd roubles. At the expense of the termination of sale of actions since August, 1st and high cost of real estate available for corporation within a year weight each action has increased three times. Besides, stimulation of demand for actions at a high course should lead to growth of liquidity of the secondary market of these papers and compensate inflationary losses of shareholders.
the scheme of carrying out of buying up of actions provides increase in a course of purchase of papers to 3 thousand rbl. since April, 20th. It, probably, also has led to unwillingness of investors to dump the action before course increase. From total number of the redeemed actions (15 thousand) 10 thousand units was it is dumped legal bodies. Basically it is small banks and the investment companies which have appeared in a heavy financial position. Dump of actions NIPEK by physical persons experts charge to their bad awareness on plans NIPEK or mistrust to the further increase of a course.
at the same time, according to poll spent by sociological service of joint-stock company mark - media 42 % of legal persons and 52 % of physical persons have informed on readiness not to sell, and to get new actions.
by words fondovikov, handing over to the action in a staff - apartment NIPEK, the investors trying in last year to generate liquid investment portfolios, are disappointed in the investment companies existing nowadays after the cores from them have made the decision not to pay dividends or to pay their actions (that actually conducts to devaluation of securities). On this background corporation NIPEK which is buying up the actions at a course favourable to investors, looks advantageously.