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Russia and trading contradictions of EU from the USA

EU Way on the East lies through Russia

Having cooled down from hot Tokyo discussions concerning participation of the parties in economic assistance of Russia, the collective efforts which have crowned with success of the countries the big seven members of EU and the USA have renewed own conflicts on trading questions. Yesterday the Commission of the European Communities (KES) has published the annual report on trading barriers of the USA concerning the West European goods. Having noticed that the number of sanctions of Washington in comparison with last year as a whole has not increased, authors of the report ascertained that the USA, nevertheless, intend to forbid to participate to EU firms in some governmental contracts, in case Europe not will dump the prices and will not cancel unilateral preferences for EU firms in the European state orders . In this situation in EU even more often speak about activization of negotiations with Russia which consider not only as the potential trading partner, but also as transit on the East.

Relations of Russia from EU develop not without conflicts. Now the Community conducts lawsuits under 15 names of the Russian goods, accusing Moscow of a dumping. In EU the corresponding program of antidumping measures is already developed. At the same time, in the beginning of April KES the expanded powers for carrying out with Russia of negotiations about creation of a zone of free trade have been conferred. However, this offer consider in EU as a serious concession, including real creation of such zone by business the long-term future suffices. In particular, in EU co-ordinate granting of Russia trading preferences to acceptance by Russia of the obligations following from GATT. It is expected that negotiations about the bilateral agreement between Russia and EU will be finished to opening of the Copenhagen summit of the Community planned on 21 - on June, 22nd.
while in EU have decided to support Russia financially, having given to it during the Tokyo meeting the seven $1,8 billion Interest of the West European partners is connected not only with the Russian markets. EU plans more large-scale actions, considering Russia as a part still badly mastered direction the Western Europe - Russia - the East. In the conditions of incessant disputes with Washington east variant is represented to EU to one of the most effective exits of a current situation. And it is a question not only of assistance of the Western Europe in restoration of the destroyed commercial relations of Russia with the former Soviet republics (a number of such projects is now studied in EU commissions), but also about advancement through them further on the East, for example, to Turkey, which and aspires to join the European integration.
in turn, the USA too consider a question on granting of Russia tariff concessions - from distribution on it of a most favoured nation treatment before connection to the American program of tariff preferences. And in these conditions Russia can take certain own dividends.