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The alternative project of the Constitution

the Union of revival of Russia is published offers the Zemsky cathedral

the Patriotic organisations of Russia have developed the variant of the Russian Constitution. Yesterday on a press - conferences of the Union of revival of Russia its chairman Dmitry Rogozin has presented to journalists the Organic law project. Rogozin has expressed hope that this document will promote rallying all healthy centrist and patriotic forces .

According to Dmitry Rogozin work on the presented project of the Constitution was accelerated after news has been received that Boris Yeltsin has refused to support the document developed by the constitutional commission headed by it, and intends to support the project prepared by group of lawyers led by Sergey Shahraem. According to Rogozin, shahraevsky the project actually provides Establishment in the country of presidential dictatorship .
As Rogozin has informed, the Constitution project is prepared by the deputy of the Moscow Council Sergey Pyhtinym proceeding from historical experience of Russia, in particular from tradition of zemstvoes . In its project the post of the president which will be selected the legislature supreme body - the Zemsky cathedral remains, but there is no congress. The Zemsky cathedral should consist of three chambers: the State Duma, the State council and the Senate.
the project presented by the Union of revival, became the third variant of the new Constitution which have appeared lately. As spring of last year with the the constitutional project the Russian movement of democratic reforms has acted. A variant Constitutions of the Russian Federation Developed by Anatoly Sobchakom, allocates the president with the large powers (the right of appointment of the chairman of the council of ministers, the right to appoint elections of federal Legislative Assembly and etc.) That is actually provides creation of presidential republic.
then the variant of the Russian communistic workers` party became known also. The project Constitutions of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic developed by the People`s Deputy of Russia Yury Slobodkinym, on the substantive provisions it is rather close to the Constitution of RSFSR accepted in 1977. In this document the post of the president is not provided, the carrier of all government Councils of People`s Deputies appear, is fixed a socialist choice .
However for the last year neither to radical democrats, nor communists it was not possible to achieve discussion at congress of People`s Deputies of the projects alternatively to that is prepared by Oleg Rumjantseva`s official constitutional commission.