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Have plundered apartment Padvy

the Lawyer there was the rights

Yesterday a militia has suspended an investigation of the case, raised in November
1992 upon theft from apartment of known lawyer Henry Padvy on what
informed on January, 5th. According to experts, thus it is actually closed
business about which development intended to tell on March, 26th.

As Valery Kislov has informed the correspondent of the deputy chief on criminal investigation department of 18 branches
militias of Moscow, for three months and it was not possible to find thieves,
stolen of apartment Padvy currency and valuable things. Search works
employees Sverdlovsk RUVD Moscow which fulfilled the version that
Padvu was plundered by guest performers, also have not crowned success. According to Kislova,
theft is difficult for opening and consequently that in area there were no similar thefts.
the Consequence is suspended that in practice means the termination search
actions. Padva it has appeared the rights when has expressed opinion that this crime,
is visible, will not be opened.