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Firm business “ Effect “

the Witness has changed interrogation for hospital

179 - e the police station of Moscow unsuccessfully continues to investigate case about
Anatoly Batishcheva`s murder, the commercial director of firm “ Effect “
specialising on granting of intimate services (see from December, 24th).
the main witness Yesterday has got to hospital - the employee with the same name
Soviet - the Norwegian firm “ Effect “.

the Inspector 179 - go branches Yury Verjavkin has informed that the commercial director
Russian “ Effect “ Anatoly Batishchev handed over the apartment in the centre of Moscow
Soviet - Norwegian “ to Effect “ for $600 a month, also gave to their
to general director Alexander Ekelchiku. According to Verjavkina, between this strange
a certain communication is circumstance and  destruction of Batishcheva. To find out its essence,
Verjavkin himself tried to contact Soviet - Norwegian “ Effect “ engaged
oil deliveries. Has found out the following - the unique representative of this
the firms, speaking on - russki, the wife of the president of office by name of Tatyana
(a surname has refused to name) is. Verjavkin has invited her to interrogation with receipts for
apartment rent for a year. Tatyana on interrogation has not gone, and has fallen ill in hospital -
the diagnosis is unknown even to doctors, but they promise to cure it through pair
months. On succession of events will inform on March, 16th.