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Results of foreign tour of Kozyreva

Terms Russian - the Japanese summit are not named yet

Last night six-day foreign tour of the minister foreign
affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyreva (see for December, 13th) in which course he has visited
Finland, Norway and France has come to the end. In the evening on Wednesday in Paris after signing
Conventions on prohibition of chemical weapon Kozyrev has met the
Japanese colleague Mitio Vatanabe (Michio Watanabe).

Arrived on ceremony of signing of the Convention on prohibition of the chemical weapon
the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Mitio Vatanabe did not hide, what not smaller
interest for it represents possibility to have a talk with Andrey Kozyrevym.
Their meeting was postponed last months because of employment Russian
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by preparation of contract SNV - 2. Conversation in the French capital became the first
Russian - Japanese contact at high level after a visit delay
president Yeltsin to Japan.
under preliminary assumptions of experts, it gave chance to both parties
to define terms of visit of Kozyreva in Tokyo that, in turn, opened
road Russian - Japanese summit. Under the statement of the chief
department managements Asian - Pacific region the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Yury
Kuznetsova, in Paris ministers should make the main thing: to confirm
intention to move ahead in a visit direction .
It also has occurred. Vatanabe has invited Kozyreva to visit Tokyo in February - March
(date will be specified). Kozyrev has agreed, but has suggested to spend
preliminary consultations for specification of some controversial problems, main from
which undoubtedly is territorial. Ministers have agreed that
the advisory meeting of experts of two countries concerning credit, trading
and economic relations will pass next week in Tokyo. Terms
summit carrying out have not been stipulated that, under messages
Japanese news agencies, has very much disappointed Japanese colleagues. On them
to opinion, Russian - the Japanese summit is expedient for spending on the eve of July
the Tokyo meeting the seven .