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Premiere of the film Naval cadets - III

the Verhneufalejsky deputy has helped naval cadets

Yesterday with Moscow in the Central house of cinematographers the premiere
Svetlana Druzhininoj`s new film " has taken place; Naval cadets - III . From well-known the first
a trio of naval cadets - Haratjan, Zhigunov, Shevelkov - here plays only
Dmitry Haratjan. The film acted in film in Russia, Italy and Germany and has managed in 11
million rbl. Thus Druzhinin considers that the history of its heroes on it yet
is finished.

Gardemariniana Svetlanas Druzhininoj for today includes Naval cadets,
forward! (4 series, a television movie, 1987), Vivat, naval cadets! (2 series,
a film, 1991), Naval cadets - III (1 hour of 50 minutes, a film, 1992) .

On the prime minister Naval cadets - III Svetlana Druzhinin has presented to spectators
three times the naval cadet Dmitry Haratjana, twice the naval cadet Yury Mamayev and
the naval cadet for the first time Alexander Domogarova. From Germany at own expense on
to the prime minister there has arrived Herb Andres which have played in a film a role of Fridriha Great.
naval cadets - III tell about one of historical episodes of Russia XVIII
centuries when young Catherine II (Christina Orbakajte) has arranged behind the back
Elizabeths Petrovny (Natalia Gundareva) plot on purpose to tighten to expected
deaths of the empress Seven-year war with Prussia. Naval cadets, naturally,
in every possible way with this plot struggle, in passing exposing large Prussian
the spy of baron Brondorfa (Victor Rakov). In naval cadets - III - Last
Evgenie Yevstigneyev`s complete role (chancellor Bestuzhev): it has stopped it
to sound three days prior to flying away to London on operation. In the ending of a film of one
from naval cadets banish to Kamchatka, and last phrase of a picture (... But it
another story altogether... ) Means serial continuation.
the big help Alexander Sandal, the People`s Deputy of Russia from Top
has rendered Ufalej (Ural Mountains): it has sent in August, 1991 on Mosfilm two trailers with
wood for scenery - from - for their absence of shooting were then on the verge of failure.
Svetlana Druzhinin has told to the correspondent that considers naval cadets
the main theme of the creativity also it is ready to develop it further, if for
it there will be money . According to the director, for a following film it is required
about 100 million rbl. History of naval cadets of Druzhinin named inexhaustible
a pot of gold also has declared that would like to see, how 50 - summer Haratjan
will play 50 - summer Korsaka. She also has informed that to it have offered from three
existing films to make a ten-production version for television.
itself three times the naval cadet Haratjan has declared to the correspondent that the role of Korsaka
has not bored it also a film it is happy.