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Boris Yeltsin has signed the Decree About measures on strengthening of control over creation and activity of public associations ordering to enforcement authorities of Russia to fulfil Constitution requirements about inadmissibility of creation and activity of parties, the organisations and the movements having for an object violent change of the constitutional system and integrity of the state, of blasting of its safety, kindling social, national and religious break a set (p. 11) see.

Prime ministers of Russia and Ukraine Victor Tchernomyrdin and Leonid Kuchma sign yesterday 5 documents: Agreements on labour activity and social protection of citizens of Russia and Ukraine, the states working outside of borders, about scientifically - technical and economic cooperation in the field of atomic engineering, about uncommercial payments, the report on cooperation in the field of transport, the report to the former intergovernmental trading agreement, concerning measures on preparation of transition since July, 1st on a mode of free trade between two countries (p. 3 see).

Yury Nazarkin the yesterday`s decree of the president is appointed by the assistant to the secretary of Security council of Russia - the head of department of strategic safety (p. 2 see).

VS Russia at joint session of chambers has accepted the Decision About measures on carrying out of the All-Russia referendum on April, 11th, 1993 thereby officially having appointed a referendum on substantive provisions of the new Constitution of Russia (p. 11 see).

VS Russia was approved by the project of Bases of the legislation on a notariate. Bases enter for the first time institute of a private notariate into Russia. The citizen of Russia having the higher juridical education can be appointed to a post of the notary, passed training for not less year at the state or private notary, the handed over promotion examination and having the licence for the right of employment notarial activity. The licence will stand out the authorised judicial authorities of republics of the Russian Federation.

VS Russia has made decision to hear on January, 15th the information of the Ministry of Defence of Russia on a situation in Persian gulf and position of the Russian military ships being there. It decided to invite representatives of the government of Russia with the information on work of the government over the program of anti-recessionary measures (p. 17 see).

Yesterday Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia declared signing by prime minister Victor Tchernomyrdin of the order resolving sale in the USA of 40 kg of plutonium - 238, used as an energy source in space vehicles. The transaction marking occurrence of Russia became in the world market of radio isotope production, is concluded for the $50 million sum (p. 2 see).

the Government of Moscow has approved main principles of the program of transition to market system of operation and available housing service. It is entrusted to department of engineering maintenance to develop the detailed mechanism of realisation of the program in a month. Increase of the size of payment of utilities for the population (a heat supply, plumbing and sanitary, gas, export of a firm household waste), including since October, 1st, 1993 in 2,6 times in comparison with October of last year, since January, 1st, 1994 - in 15 times, since July, 1st - in 48 times is provided. Payment of utilities will not depend on pattern of ownership on habitation.

organising committee of competition of patrons of art and sponsors of culture (founders the International association of assistance to culture, the Russian State broadcasting company Ostankino and newspaper edition News ) has made the decision on structure of jury of competition and conditions of its carrying out. Terms of delivery of sketches of the main prizes (p. 14 see) have been defined also.