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Konstantin Zatulin`s visit to the USA

the Russian stockbroker will carry on negotiations with the American firms

the President of the International exchange and trading union Konstantin Zatulin has left
yesterday on a visit for the USA. During visit g - n Zatulin intends to discuss with
the American partners plans of carrying out of the next Aspensky forum and
to take part in negotiations with the companies of the USA about their joint projects with
the International association of heads of the enterprises, the general director
which Zatulin is.

As Konstantin Zatulin has informed the correspondent, he was invited for
performances by University of the State of Colorado and the International centre civil
administrations. The business part of visit g - on Zatulin will be devoted definition
subjects and structure of participants Russian - the American conference Aspensky
a forum which will pass in April of this year in Sochi, and also to definition
plans of work of the International centre of civil authorities,
which co-chairman Konstantin Zatulin became in 1991 By words g - on
Zatulin, in Sochi the Russian and American delegations will impart experience participations
in carrying out of election campaigns, and also will discuss a political situation in
Russia. It is necessary to believe that at forthcoming conference the Russian side
will be presented rather adequately - most likely, so known businessmen will take part in conference again
, as Yury Miljukov, Yury Kotov,
Mark Masarsky and others.
the business part of visit includes also, by words g - on Zatulin, and a number of meetings with
heads of the American companies which are carrying out Some business projects
together with the International association of heads of the enterprises and it
structures . Konstantin Zatulin also will visit Washington and
will be present at inauguration of president Clinton. After returning to Moscow,
on January, 25th, g - n Zatulin intends to celebrate Tatjanin day in Moscow
the state university as the graduate of the University which is not standing
in turn at labour exchange . On results of visit of Konstantin Zatulin in the USA
will inform in number from January, 26th.