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Negotiations about rocket technologies

Russia and the USA discuss a problem of export of rocket technics

Yesterday in Moscow have come to the end bilateral Russian - the American consultations on a problem of regulation of export of rocket technics (see from January, 12th). The Russian side at negotiations was represented by experts of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of external economic relations. Representatives of the USA and Russia have made decision to carry out similar consultations regularly.

As it became known to the correspondent, the main objective of three-day consultations consisted in definition of positions of the parties concerning distribution of rocket technics . The American side that speaks quite clear concern to those USA was the initiator of carrying out of consultations that the countries " can become owners of the newest rocket technics; the third world .

In May, 1992 during official visit to Delhi Gennady Burbulis occupying then a post of the state secretary, has promised India to put cryogenic rocket engines that has allowed the USA an occasion to accuse Russia of infringement of a mode of non-distribution of rocket technics.

the head of department military - technical cooperation of the Ministry of external economic relations of Russia Valery Mironov has informed the correspondent that traffic in arms, no doubt, perspective business for Russia . In conversation with journalists he has declared expediency of development of export of arms, having noticed that all civilised countries " are engaged in it;. G - n Mironov has underlined necessity to continue cooperation with the countries of the Near East, having made a reservation that speech, naturally, goes about those states on which United Nations sanctions do not extend.

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