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Business ANTa

accounts " Are arrested; the Russian house

Yesterday the Moscow arbitration court has passed the decision on arrest of accounts of the company
the Russian house . The court has arrested the firm account in connection with the beginning of hearing of business on
to the claim of one of the organisations ( Rostorgodezhdy ) Incurred from activity ANTa in
1989 of loss on 2,965 million roubles. As has found out, Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia
(conducting criminal case against chief ANTa and the Russian house Vladimir
Rjashentseva) to account arrest is not privy.

the Arbitration court has started to consider yesterday the association claim Rostorgodezhda to
to commercial centre Karacharovo to concern ANT and to the Russian house on

the Representative of the claimant has informed 2,965 million rbl. to the correspondent that the beginning of its consideration
the claim for mere chance has coincided with a search the Hungarian police
the Budapest office the Russian house within the limits of criminal case against
Rjashentseva. According to the claimant, Rostorgodezhda three years unsuccessfully
achieves return of the money, left in ANT . This history throws light
on activity ANTa in 1989 and is stated according to representatives
Rostorgodezhdy in court.
in the end of 1989 Rostorgodezhda has received the directive letter of the Ministry
trade of the USSR with the requirement to list to 3 million roubles to trading base
Karacharovo (nowadays - commercial centre). In words representatives
have explained the ministries to subordinates that ways of purchase of computers
cheaply enough (have found 50 thousand rbl. for a piece), but the big party. For this purpose
the subordinate (ten trading associations) was veleno to list on
some millions roubles (all 42 million) into the base account Karacharovo and the base
will conclude the contract with concern ANT and will buy computers. Having received 42 million rbl.,
the base has listed ANTu half of this money as an advance payment.
when contract period of validity has ended and It became clear that computers any more
will come Karacharovo has returned 20 million roubles to some organisations ( who
the first has addressed ) And has demanded from ANTa to return money. However has prevented
Ministry of Trade - new directive letter and letter of State Logistics Committee with
requirement to prolong the contract for a month.
from informed circles to base Karacharovo it was possible to learn that
the Ministry of Trade tried to pay off debts ANTa at the expense of the means,
though officially it was not declared . This intention why - that
has not been executed.
Rostorgodezhda not received the money, has started to achieve their return
through court. Four months ago the Supreme Arbitration Court has not accepted business to
to consideration, and one month ago has accepted Moscow and today has arrested accounts of two
representatives the Russian house were not on court and, according to the representative
Evgenie Neskoromnogo`s firms, about account arrest have learnt only from correspondents
. Before delivery of this number in the press the firm management has begun meeting on
to an occasion of arrest of the account. Tomorrow will inform on succession of events.