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The president of Russia has accepted democrats

the President and the Democratic choice have shown mutual understanding

on January, 14th in the Kremlin the meeting of the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin with
leaders of a coalition " has taken place; the Democratic choice in which course preparation for carrying out of the constitutional referendum planned for April was discussed

Leaders of a coalition have acquainted the president of Russia with the position rather
a forthcoming referendum. In their opinion, it is necessary, that Russians
have expressed on eight points, in particular, a parliament of two houses as
to a legislature basis, about direct presidential elections, about the people right on
a referendum on any question, on convocation of the constitutional meeting. By words
the People`s Deputy of Russia Peter Filippova, between radicals and the president
never was disagreements, and Boris Yeltsin has agreed with their formulations.
leaders of a coalition have informed the president that have started creation public
committees on referendum preparation.
Boris Yeltsin has declared that intends to create the state staff with similar
problems and has expressed doubt in expediency of parallel existence
the state and public committees. However radicals not
have agreed with it, as different public forces will create different
committees . It has been decided that the state staff and public committee
radicals will co-operate. The president has warned gathered about that,
that actions of management VS of Russia threaten referendum carrying out.
From the government, as he said, the co-chairman of a staff will put forward
vitse - prime minister Vladimir Shumejko, while Ruslan Hasbulatov, belittling
the staff status intend to delegate there only the chairman
any committee VS. According to experts, the meeting testifies about
the getting stronger union between the president and the Democratic choice . Preparing to
to a new coil of political strike, Yeltsin, seemingly, tries to lean on
democrats - radicals.