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Human rights in Baltic

Mission SBSE on affairs of national minorities has finished visit to Estonia

Yesterday visit to Estonia Supreme commissioner SBSE on affairs
Max national minorities van der the Chair (Max van der Stol) (see from
on January, 12th) has come to the end. On January, 14th he has visited Narva, the largest industrial centre on
severo - the east of republic with prevalence of the Russian-speaking population. Many
observers consider that this region expects in the future destiny of Dnestr region,
if Estonian authorities will not refuse the national policy.

As has informed the correspondent the manager a press - bureau the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Tiia Kangert
(Tiia Kangert), during a trip on severo - the east of Estonia van der the Chair
has met deputies of the Narva City Council, and also with employees
sociological laboratory of information centre “ Virumaa “ which
is in Kohtla - Jarve. Commissioner SBSE should visit also furniture
factory “ Narova “ however this visit has been excellent at the last minute. Max van
der the Chair while abstains from comments, referring to discrepancy
the received impressions. Even on the eve of arrival to Estonia he has declared that the
conclusions from a trip he intends to state in the expert report for SBSE following the results of
The day before van der the Chair has met the president of Estonia of Lennartom Mary
(Lennart Merσ), the prime minister - minister Martom Laarom (Mart Laar), group
deputies of the State meeting of republic, heads of Association
ethnic minority and representatives of public association
“ Petserimaa “. According to some observers, last meeting Estonian
the authorities intend were to use for a substantiation of territorial claims to
Russia. “ Petserimaa “ tries to unite in the numbers living in
the Pechora area of the Pskov region of Russia of the former citizens intermilitary Estonian
Republics (both Estonians, and Russian). Its leaders achieve reunion
a territory part on which live, with Estonia. On January, 15th van der the Chair
leaves for Riga. Will tell about its trip to Latvia on January, 19th.