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The parliament considers the budget

Currency became a stumbling-block

As it already repeatedly occurred during Supreme body sessions,
the question on the right of use of currency incomes became the reason of disagreements
the Russian members of parliament. This time passions were heated at discussion
yesterday the bill with the bulky name About bases of the budgetary rights and the rights
on formation and use of off-budget funds representative and
executive powers of the government of republics as a part of Russian
Federations, autonomous region, autonomous regions, edges, areas, cities
Moscow and St.-Petersburg, local governments . And despite
that its consideration should be postponed, whether passionate emotions of deputies vrjad
will cease - the document really important.

In the bill the rights representative and executive powers
the authorities of subordinate territorial levels on reception of incomes in
corresponding budgets and on an expenditure of means of these budgets, and also
duties of the specified authorities under the relation to each other in budgetary
process are defined. In the document the general principles of drawing up and
considerations of projects of budgets, statements and executions of budgets are established,
formations and uses of off-budget funds with a view of financial
maintenance socially - economic development national - state and
is administrative - territorial formations.
deductions are put in a basis of incomes of budgets of various levels on
to surtax (profit tax) from the enterprises (completely or
partially), to surtax from physical persons (in full or in part),
payments for the earth. The expenses of budgets provided by budgetary classification,
are subdivided on flowing and development expenses. To operational expenditure are carried
expenses on the maintenance and major repairs of objects of a municipal economy,
a social infrastructure, mass media, authorities and
the greatest disagreements were caused by section about an order of formation off-budget and
currency funds, namely the amendment about possibility of storage of currency means on
bank accounts for territories of other states. A number of deputies stated
fears that such order will lead to uncontrollable outflow currency
means abroad. The decision to transfer consideration
the given section and amendments to it the next week was as a result accepted.