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Session of the commission on vouchers

Successors will receive the voucher

the Decision of the central city commission on delivery of privatisation checks at
the government of Moscow yesterday the order of reception of vouchers
successors has been defined. It became addition to the decision of this commission from November, 12th

Necessity for such addition, according to the chief Moscow city
a staff on delivery of vouchers of Vladislav Butova, has ripened for a long time. Now, for this purpose
to receive the voucher, having the rights of the successor under the will, it is necessary
to address with the statement in the territorial commission on introduction
privatisation checks in a place of a residence permit of the died. Thus it is necessary
to show the certificate on death nasledodatelja, its will, the passport
or its document replacing (the inquiry under the form #9 with a stamp of a residence permit from
a passport office, and for military men - the identification card or military
the ticket). With the certified copy of the decision of the territorial commission, the will and
the passport the successor addresses in branch of the Savings Bank which on the basis
these documents gives out it the privatisation check.
if the will has not been made, but there is a successor under the law (the spouse,
children, parents, brothers, sisters) this successor should address with
the statement in the territorial commission, having shown the certificate on death,
the document confirming relationship and the passport. In the rest an order same, as
at delivery of the privatisation check to the successor under the will.
Except the statement of an order of reception by successors of vouchers the commission
has considered the project of the governmental order of Moscow About delivery results
privatisation checks in 1992 and an order of their use . In opinion
present, the work organisation on use of vouchers should be conducted
in 1993 in two interconnected directions: on the one hand, it is protection
the population at an exchange of vouchers for actions of check funds and for actions
the privatised enterprises of Moscow, and with another - effective realisation
actions of the enterprises with maintenance of the balanced interests labour