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Spot-check of the Air Forces of the USA against Iraq

George Bush says goodbye to Saddam Hussein

Yesterday the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia has approved blow of the western allies led by the USA across Iraq (see from January, 13th), having urged Bagdad to obey to sanctions of the United Nations and not to break a mode of the demilitarised zone. The Russian parliament too has not slowed down with reaction, truth of absolutely opposite sense: members of parliament have accused the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Yeltsin of treachery the former ally also have urged to keep separate from actions of the western countries, having christened their action as the roughest infringement of international law . Under the initiative the Russian unity led by Sergey Baburinym deputies have voted for discussion of a question on a conclusion from Persian gulf two military Russian ships. America is ready, if Saddam not will think again to continue to operate so resolutely. These events make comments on Natalia KALASHNIKOV and GEORGE BOVT.

George Bush discussed with advisers blow possibility across Iraq in a pointed manner breaking all resolutions of the United Nations, on Monday. On Tuesday, according to sources in the Pentagon, not less than 200 American warplanes deployed in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and onboard an aircraft carrier Kitti Hok have been resulted in alertness. The purposes for blow (including above 32 - j parallels) have been chosen only military men: it is rocket - surface-to-air missile systems, class installations the earth - the earth SKAD, warplanes and airdromes, including Al - Dzharra on whom the Air Forces of the USA still have destroyed on December, 27th, 1992 the Iraq INSTANT - 25. The touch has begun with darkness approach: planes of the USA, France and Great Britain have risen in air in 18. 00 across Greenwich also have returned in 30 minutes. According to observers, in a touch participated more than 100 cars.
As have informed in embassy of Iraq in Russia, according to the Ministry of Defence of Iraq, during a touch 19 persons were lost, are wounded 15. Under their statement, apartment houses in vicinities of Basra and some other regions have been destroyed, among victims there are also civilians. military technology losses were insignificant - employees of embassy have informed referring to the Ministry of Defence of Iraq. Simultaneously all mass media, having interrupted translation of military marches and patriotic songs, have transferred Saddam`s statement: Kuwait should be returned Iraq, and the victory will be for us .
the Candidate on a post of the state secretary in new administration Warren Christopher (Warren Christopher) has dispelled illusions of some observers that Clinton in foreign policy will be more passive, than Bush. He has declared that Clinton has expressed resolute support to actions of allies. The British official representative has informed that Saddam has received a short, subject and convincing lesson .
will return to this theme in tomorrow`s number if the Russian parliament it will be valid to discuss the Iraq question.