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Will pass a seminar on public relations

In Russia demand for public relations

to the Russian subscribers grows Yesterday number first in this year monthly
the bulletin of Ieper (International Public Relations association) which
is considered one of the most prestigious editions in area public relations
(PR) has arrived. In article devoted to the market public relations in Russia, the magazine has turned
attention of readers to a seminar, which corporation I will spend with 10 on
on March, 17th in boarding house situated near Moscow Klyazma . By edition estimations, this
the seminar is interesting first of all to that on it responsible persons of departments on public relations have agreed to act
at the president of Russia,
Service of external investigation and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia.

As the director for corporation development " has told to the correspondent; I Sergey
Mihajlov, demand on PR - services now grows in Russia. In particular, it
is shown in formation of services on public relations as in imperious
structures and political parties, and in business concerns. However yet
all employees of these a press - services possess sufficient knowledge and experience in
to sphere PR. Therefore corporation I also has decided to fill by means of a seminar
some blanks in their formation. As has informed g - n Mihajlov, it will be a question in
the core of how to organise work a press - services in state and in
commercial structures, and also about that, properly to spend selective
as observers mark, it not the first seminar on questions public relations.
In 1992 such actions spent the Russian association on communications with
the public, firms public relations Service and joint-stock company
Imidzhlend . However I promises much more solid structure of participants,
among which head of Bureau on public relations of Service external
investigations of Russia Yury Kobaladze, a press - the secretary of the Minister of Defence of Russia Elena
Agapov, the deputy chief a press - the centre the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Vitaly Lushanin, and, possibly,
someone from heads a press - services of the president of Russia. As has promised g - n
Mihajlov, all acting promised to slightly open secrets of their activity, and also
to answer all questions of participants. The first day of work of a seminar - on March, 11th.
about it will tell on March, 12th.

association Phone I : (095 282 - 27 - 89, a fax: (095 282 - 28 - 63.